Bathroom LED Illuminated Luxury Mirror Demister Mains Modern IP44 450x600mm

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    60 cm
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    45 cm
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    Mirror and light
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Don t settle for run of the mill in your bathroom, not when you ve got utterly stunning accessories like these Artis Umbra LED bathroom mirrors. They re flawless in design, practical and functional. What more could you want?

The Umbra mirrors are available in a number of different sizes (450 x 600mm, 500 x 700mm & 600 x 800mm) and can be hung in either portrait or landscape orientation for added versatility. This however is not their only trick as they re hiding a few other additions that might just tickle your interest. Umbra 500x700 - Available hereUmbra 600x800 - Available here

Firstly, the two longer edges are lined with powerfully bright LED lights, 66 on the smaller mirror, 78 on the medium one and a whopping 90 on the largest. These bring clarity to your face and add serious light and a feeling of space to your bathroom. The LEDs are operated using a discreetly fitted infra-red switch. This just takes a simple swipe of your hand and viola, light!

The sensor doesn t just turn on the lights though, it also activates the Umbra s second party trick, a demister pad. These are fantastically clever devices which are fitted within the mirror to stop a large section of it steaming up when the room becomes humid. They re really beneficial when you still need to do your make up or your hair after you ve had a shower.

As the mirrors are to be fitted within a bathroom they will of course be fully tested to ensure maximum safety as they are connected to the mains power supply.

Lastly, you ll also receive a full 3-year guarantee so you know you re buying a high-quality product. 

Demister To Keep Your Mirror Clear Of Steam

  • It s pretty annoying if you ve had a shower and now can t see even the blur of your outline in your very steamy mirror.
  • Thankfully those woes aren t a issue thanks to a handy demister fitted within the mirror
  • They guarantee you a steam clear patch so you can carry on with your day, problem free
  • Demister Size: 300 x 200mm
Bathroom Mirrors Demister Pad

Infrared Operated Lighting

  • It s no secret that these mirrors look great, but they re packed with clever functions too
  • It s activated by motion using an infrared sensor on the side of the mirror
  • Simply turn back off by repeating the same motion.
Bathroom Mirrors Button

Powerful LED Lighting

  • LED lighting is becoming more and more popular thanks to the life that the bulbs have and also the reduced cost in running them when compared with ordinary lighting.
  • Our mirrors have great light power, assisting you in seeing what you re doing and lighting your bathroom.

Mains Powered LEDs

  • The LED lights are a fantastic feature on a mirror, especially in a bathroom where the lighting may not be as good as other rooms in the house.
  • LED s deliver direct bright light directly to you when stood in front of the mirror, allowing you to get ready much easier.
  • This mirror is mains powered, so once it is wired into your main electric supply there s nothing more you need to do other than enjoy!

IP44 Safety Rated

  • With any electrical product that s fitted within a bathroom, it s important that they exceed the safety standards
  • Our mirrors do and are rated IP44
  • This means they ve been fully tested to ensure complete safety
Bathroom Mirrors IP44 Rated

Portrait Or Landscape Hanging

  • These mirrors are really versatile.
  • They allow you to hang them either horizontally or vertically depending on the orientation that you like the most or what s most practical for your bathroom.
  • Landscape is great for those with a wider space to fill whereas portrait is ideal for those with younger children who also want to be able to use the mirror.
Bathroom Mirrors Hanging

All Fixings Included

  • There's nothing worse than getting your new mirror home and not being able to do anything with it as you don't have anything to hang it up with.
  • Therefore, this mirror is supplied with all fixings so you can install your new mirror quickly and efficiently, knowing you have everything you need to get the job done.

3 Year Guarantee  

  • When buying anything for your home you need to know that its going to stand the test of time.
  • This is why this product comes with a fantastic 3 year guarantee against any manufacturing defects should the worst happen and the product is not up to standard.



About The Brand

For total style and functionality when it comes to bathroom furniture you need our Artis collection. It’s sublimely designed to fit in with all types of bathroom decor, benefitting from minimalist handles and wall hung or floor standing units. Within the range there is also the option to purchase back to wall toilets with concealed cistern units and vanity units with beautiful countertop basins.