BBQ-Toro Dutch Oven DO12PX, 13.6 L premium cast iron saucepan

BBQ-Toro Dutch Oven DO12PX, 13.6 L premium cast iron saucepan

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BBQ-Toro 12 QT Premium Dutch Oven - DO12P
The branded saucepan for outdoor, barbecuing and fire!

The Dutch Oven is a heavy, traditional, cast iron pot and a perfectly fitting lid with which you can cook, roast, braise, deep-fry, steam and bake anywhere. Thanks to its high mass (cast iron), the Dutch Oven regulates uneven heat and thus enables even cooking. Simply put glowing coals, embers or grill briquettes on the lid and under the pot and the Dutch Oven experience can begin. The extra raised lid rim and the three legs offer optimal conditions for coal and Co.

In the Dutch Oven, dishes such as braised meat, stews, bread, cakes and much more are child's play. Regardless of whether it is a fire pit, barbecue area or campfire, the cast iron pot is mobile and flexible in use. A pot stand is already included. Dishes such as meat are tender in the Dutch Oven and develop an outstanding aroma - you will be amazed!

Your product advantages at a glance
- Number of people: 14 - 20 people
- Contents (complete): 13.6 liters
- Contents (pot): 10.7 liters
- Contents (lid): 2.9 liters
- Preseasoned
- Can be used directly
- Inside diameter: 34.5 cm
- Height inside: 13.0 cm
- Weight: 14.3 kg
- Material pot and lid: Cast iron
- Including lid lifter and coasters
- Lid lifter material: Steel, painted
- Material coasters: Stainless steel
- Branded product from BBQ-Toro

Additional highlights: The lid of the Dutch Oven also has feet. If you turn it around, you can use it as a grill pan or serving plate! With the thermometer bushing, the temperature can be checked very practically without having to lift the lid.

Information on branding
The BBQ-Toro Dutch Oven is already branded and can be used immediately. If it needs to be seasoned again after cleaning, clean the pot with hot water. Then rub it with taste-neutral, vegetable fat (e.g. coconut fat). Place the Dutch Oven upside down for one hour at 200 ° C in the oven (or better, outside in a hot kettle grill). Rub off any remaining fat. Done. Repeat this treatment regularly so that the pores fill and the pot is optimally protected against rust.

Info on cleaning/care
Hot water is sufficient for cleaning - scrub off coarse food residues with a brush. Never use soap or harsh detergents. These destroy the fat layer and the pot must then be seasoned again (see above). Do not keep any leftovers in the Dutch Oven. Remove ashes immediately after using the lid and pot, otherwise this, combined with moisture, will promote rust.

Storage information
Grease with good cooking oil, put a sheet of kitchen paper inside and do not close the lid completely. So the Dutch Oven easily survives longer storage times.

Order the BBQ-Toro Dutch Oven now and enjoy your barbecue results in a good mood and perfectly equipped!


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