REF TX06300ME13324155

BeMatik - Rotary selector switch 22mm with latching 400V 10A 3-position

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Swivel coupling selector to be installed in 22 mm diameter holes. It is a selector with a very robust metallic body. Rotary selector to be used in control boxes of electrical devices and automations. Compatible with surface boxes for controls, pushbuttons and switches, based on perforations with a diameter of 22 mm (references #TX0x and #TG5x). The user can use various switches, pulsadores and selectors for the control of automatisms, according to the needs of each installation. Ideal for industrial control of electrical appliances, automation, doors, blinds, etc.


  • Rotary coupling selector compatible with 22 mm diameter holes.
  • Operative of 3 positions: open/closed, closed/closed, and open/open.
  • Electr Characteristicsicas: 10 (6) A to 400 V.
  • Rotating black plastic selector that rotates 45 ° on each side to open/close the circuit.
  • Chromed profile and very robust metal body.
  • Interior size (height x width x depth): 35 x 30 x 40 mm.
  • Total size (height x width x depth): 70 x 30 x 40 mm.
  • Diameter of the rotary lever: 29 mm.
  • Fixation to the internal structure by means of screws. Pressureby means of internal screws.
  • Ideal for the assembly of electrical automation control panels.