BeMatik - USB 2.0 Extension Cable 5m A-male to A-female

BeMatik - USB 2.0 Extension Cable 5m A-male to A-female

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USB extension cable compatible with USB 2.0 and 1.1 that feeds the signal on those occasions when it is necessary, either because the peripheral requires a good signal for proper operation, or because the maximum distance allowed by USB is exceeded. In addition to a simple cable, it has the necessary electronics to perform this function. It is a 5m cable, with A-Male connector on one end and A-Female on the otro. It allows to chain 5 units (5 units x 5 m = 25 m), which can be added to an additional 5 m USB cable (total 30 m from the computer to the USB peripheral). It must be borne in mind that each extender consumes 0.14A of the USB port of the computer, which must be added the amperages of each of the extenders used, plus the consumption of the USB peripheral itself (the theoretical limit of a USB port is 0.5A). Cable quality of 20 /28 AWG with ferrite at the USB-A Male end. Compatible with Windows and Mac OS environments.


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