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C322F Flexible Premium Coving Moulding

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  • Height
    5 cm
  • Length
    2 m
  • Type
  • Material
    Polymer, Polyurethane
  • Width
    5 cm
  • Style
  • productRef
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Choose the Orac Luxxus C322 coving for smaller rooms and dwellings with low ceilings. This slender cornice design can add a classical style but without overpowering a room. The C.322 cornice can be an attractive crown or plinth when used in combination with our C213 C321 or C211 covings.

Each 2 metre length is formed in a high precision steel mould which provides incredible detail within a section of less than 2 inches x 2 inches. The lightweight polyurethane cornice has an undercoat painted in the factory which saves installers time. Every carton sent out comes with a clear installation guide and . Ideal for bedroom coving and bathroom coving.

C322 coving or cornice is one of Orac Luxxus coving smaller designs. The coving profile is 5 x 4cm and has a diagonal of 6.4cm. The C322 coving has a concave curve with bold line detailing for this size coving at both the top and bottom. The C322 can be combined with other coving designs to enlarge the effect or replicate an existing coving. The C322 coving on its own is best suited to smaller rooms with lower ceilings. Examples are; bedroom coving bathroom coving kitchen coving hallway coving or as coving for flats and coving for apartments. A flexible coving option is also available the C322F curved coving. When in a bay or similar curved coving sometimes known as radius coving is required this is a unique solution. Curved bays and walls where in the past only handmade coving could be installed can now use a simpler flexible coving option. Orac flexible coving can be used to match all but the most extreme curved walls. Please see the specifications for the degree of flexibility for individual coving designs. Smaller coving will normally give greater flexibility than larger coving due to material bulk. The C322F flexible coving is made in the same moulds using a rubberised material as the rigid C322 coving. The C322 rigid coving and C322F flexible curved coving can be used together to achieve both straight coving and curved coving as the wall shape requires. Suggested mouldings to use with the C322 coving and C322F flexible coving are the P8030 rigid dado rail and P8030F flexible dado rail and the SX137 skirting and SX137F flexible skirting and R09 ceiling rose. Other options are of course equally suitable.

  • Length: 200cm
  • Width: 5cm
  • Length: 4.2cm

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