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Concealed Shower Valve Thermostatic Square Controls Chrome

Reference: ME8455425

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Concealed Shower Valve Thermostatic Square Controls Chrome


  • State-of-the-art shower valve combines performance, appearance and safety
  • Precision engineering constantly balances supply of water to avoid temperature fluctuations
  • Robust solid brass base ensures longevity for years to come
  • Multi-layered chrome finish adds zing and sparkle to the unit
  • Compatible with all existing plumbing systems and shower heads
  • Comes with a five-year manufacturer's guarantee as standard

We've all been there. You've just stepped into the shower, ready to let the cascading water wash away all your worries and cares and leave you feeling clean and refreshed, and then disaster strikes. Somewhere else in the house, an unwitting family member has decided to wash the dishes, or water the plants, or flush the toilet, resulting in a sudden drop in cold or hot water pressure and an unpleasant (and potentially dangerous) surprise for you under the shower head.

With the Architeckt Alexandra Concealed Thermostatic Shower Valve, such nasty shocks have been consigned to the annals of history. The sophisticated thermostatic technology in the unit's design has been specifically engineered to continually manage the supply of water reaching the valve, meaning that any fluctuations to the water flow and temperature are minimised, regardless of what other members of the household are getting up to. Imagine a world without unwanted blasts of scalding hot or freezing cold from your shower – and then embrace it. The future is here.

The ultra-modern design of the unit complements its forward-thinking practicality, as well. Both taps are square-edged and sleekly finished with several finishes of chrome plating, meaning they'll make your bathroom positively gleam. Resistant to corrosion and the build-up of dust and dirt, the unit couldn't be simpler to clean and the concealed design means that all of the ugly wiring is hidden behind the shower wall itself. But don't be fooled by its gorgeous appearance – the base of the unit is constructed from solid brass, renowned for its durability and reliability. Simply put, it's built to last.

The single outlet (located on the underside of the unit and with a G1/2-inch diameter) is industry standard, meaning the valve is compatible with all kinds of shower hoses, heads and plumbing systems. As a result, installation becomes child's play and the two-tap exterior also affords maximum ease of use, too. Simply adjust flow rate with the upper control and select your desired temperature with the bottom one, and voila! Your perfect shower with the minimum of fuss. And as if that wasn't enough, the whole package is made even more attractive with an unbeatable five-year manufacturer's guarantee. The shower of tomorrow, today.

Flow Rates:

  • 0.1 bar: 3.24
  • 0.2 bar: 4.12
  • 0.3 bar: 5.55
  • 0.5 bar: 8.07
  • 1 bar: 11.46
  • 2 bar: 14.01
  • 3 bar: 17.11
  • Warranty 3 years
  • ManoMano Reference ME8455425
  • SKU ECS1001

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