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DANIU MIG-130 Flux Core Wire Auto Feed Welders Inverter Welding Machine ARC Gas Gasless Welding Machine With Free Accessory

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Product out of stock
Product details
  • Type of welding
  • Frequency of use
  • Amperage range
    120 Ampere
Model: MIG-130
Input voltage (V): AC230V & moremn;?15% 50 / 60HZ Maximum absorbed power: 3.6KVAMax absorbed?60%: 1.5KVAFuse: 13A Power factor: 0.9 37V Current range: 50-120A Max current output: 105 @ 15% Adjustment positions: 4 Insulation class: H
Class protection: IP21S
Weight: 16 kg
Welding wire: 0.6-0.9 MM
Dimensions: 46.5 * 22.5 * 39.5 CM

Feature: 1. Non-reactive welders - Uses a sheathed wire.?Convenient for automatically releasing inert metal gases during welding, which prevents oxidation of welded parts. & nbsp;

2. & nbsp; Realized welding speed Adjustable - The controls also have 10 levels of welding speed, which makes it easier to process thin steel or stainless steel or aluminum, or thicker steel sheets with welding.?flux core. & nbsp;

3. & nbsp; Resistance & agrave;?Superior Oxidation - Thanks to the central flux wire which automatically releases an inert metal gas during work, this machine prevents oxidation of all welded parts. & nbsp;

4. Portable design - The exterior of the device, as well as the handle, is durable.?heat and guaranteed not to melt or deform during work, and withstand the heat.?wear and & agrave;?the accumulation of electricity;?static. & nbsp;

5. & nbsp; Varies of applications - This machine & agrave;?solder has a wide variety of?of applicable uses, use it to finish your automobile, art project, frames and brackets, or wherever & ugrave;?you need it. & nbsp;

Package Include: 1 x User Manual 1 x Welding Mask 1 x Welding Wire
1 x 2 Extra Tips mental
1 x hammer & agrave;?stitching / wire brush 1 x machine?weld with 2.5 M cables 1 welding torch 2.5 m and earth clamp 1.5 m