DC Brushless Motor Hot Water Circulation Water Pump

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The package includes:
1 x brushless motor water pump
Name: water pump
Model: ZYW680
Materials: ABS
Inlet / outlet: threaded port of 4 mm
Voltage: DC12V
Power: 19W
Maximum rated current: 1000MA
Flow rate: 800L / h (m3 / h)
maximum water rise: 5 meters
Environmental temperature of work: 1-60
Maximum water circulation temperature: 100 ¡ã C
Noise: <40 db (water) in operation
Drive mode: electromagnetic
Means of transport: hot water pump
Position of the pump shaft: horizontal
Wheel structure : open wheel
Wheel suction method: single suction type?eu
Cable: 50cm
Sizes: about 7.7 cm (W) x 4.2 cm (W) x 6.5 cm (H) strong>
- Uses advanced electronic components and a high quality wear-resistant shaft
- Long service life, continuous working time over 10,000 hours.
- It works well, is highly efficient, performs well.
- Small volume, low noise, safety and environmental protection.
The water pump cable (the red line is positive, make no mistake) has received an appropriate power supply (the battery can be a battery, a power converter) , then a good water line, then pump into the water, Can be used normally.
(Note: the brushless DC pump is a centrifugal pump, the pump water flow with l height increase decreases.?No diving without automatic priming function, do not prohibit any free water.)
Common troubleshooting:
1.The pump flow is reduced or no water .?(The pump chamber can be removed for cleaning.)
2 Use when the pump is not running water.?(There is air in the pump or in the line.)
1. Do not take the bad pump in positive and negative.
2. Do not prohibit via the power converter will be directly connected to the 220V supply pump
3.Is strictly prohibited in case of strong acidity, alkalis and other damage to the pumped fluid.
4.The pump is suitable for the average temperature 1 -60.