Dissolved Oxygen Meter PCE-WO2 10

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Dissolved Oxygen Meter PCE-WO2 10


The oxygen meter is a simple measuring instrument that allows measurement of oxygen content, oxygen saturation and sample temperature. The oxygen meter directly reports measured values in real time via the display. The user is offered a hold function directly on the device. Important measured values can be recorded at the touch of a button directly on the display. The oxygen content is the concentration of dissolved oxygen in the water. Most organisms require a minimum concentration of dissolved oxygen in the water to live. Oxygen is absorbed from the atmosphere, whereby the oxygen uptake mainly depends on the size of the water surface, the water temperature, the saturation deficit, the water turbulence and the air movement. The simple operation of the oxygen meter takes place via three buttons on the front. Due to the battery operation, the oxygen meter is suitable for mobile use. This is the main reason why the oxygen meter is indispensable in the analysis of different waters. This includes industrial wastewater, pond water, sewage and municipal wastewater. In addition to the above applications, the oxygen meter PCE-WO2 10 also plays an important role in businesses. Here, for example, the corrosion in pipelines has to be considered. Even in the private sector, an oxygen meter is getting more and more attention in fields such as fish farming or private aquaristics.

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