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Electric sprinkler 4.2VusB, gardening device, spray bottle, small disinfection water sprayer

Product out of stock
Product out of stock
Product details
  • Material
  • Type of product
    Spray gun
  • Type Automatic spray gun
  • Nozzle diameter 1.3
  • Applicable range Household
  • Spray distance 300 (mm)
  • Painting Power Method: Suction Type
  • Paint Spray Volume 300 (ML / S)
  • Product Alias: Sprinkler </ P >
  • Use a sprinkler
  • Mixing method External mixer gun
  • Special spray gun, Automatic spray gun
  • Weight 0.55 kg
  • MT-SG4.2V 2000mAh Lithium Water Sprayer Specifications
  • Work capacity, it can spray about 32 pots of water once completely loaded
  • Name: electric sprinkler
  • current: electric sprinkler
  • Capacity: 1000ml
  • Injection capacity: about 6 meters long.
  • Battery capacity: 200omah
  • Charge time: 4-5h
  • 200omah
  • 4-5h
  • Load voltage: 5V
  • Work humidity:> 0-40 ° ℃
  • Multifunctional and versatile
  • It can be used to spray paint, latex paint , painting, sound management, home guardrails, floor furniture, walls, vehicles and other pistol paint surfaces
  • High atomization of technology Lithium batteries
  • The rechargeable electrical spray gun is suitable for intensive use in exterior
  • Three spray shapes can be changed
  • Turn the gun from the pistol spraying to spray a vertical oval shape
  • Three effects of shape, horizontal ellipse and round shape to meet various needs when spraying
  • High power of the brushless engine , effective and delicate spray of hurricanes
  • High engine power conversion rate, large wind, long service life, spraying efficiency N high, uniform and end without traces of paint overlap
  • Instructions for electrical tools
  • When using power tools, to reduce accidents such as fires, electric shocks and wounds , you must pay attention to the basic security elements listed below; Please read carefully the following security features before continuing.
  • 1. Keep the workplace clean and do not use electrical tools in workplaces and messy work surfaces.
  • 2. Do not use electrical tools in dark and wet locations. Keep it out of the rain. Do not use in combustible liquids or where combustible gases exist.
  • 3. Do not leave the children and idle on the workplace. The rollers do not allow rollers to approach tactile tools or power cables.
  • 4. When the power tool is not used, it must be stored in a dry place and out of the reach of children, and must be locked. Keep
  • 5. Keep an appropriate speed and pressure speed to make the tool operation safer and more durable.
  • 6. Operate according to the specified application range and do not exceed compliance for overload processing purposes.
  • 7. You must maintain a good posture when working, you have to stay firm and you do not have to stretch your hands on the tools to take things.
  • 8. The knives must be lubricated and replaced from time to time to keep them sharpened. Check the wires regularly. In case of damage, repair the handle and keep it clean.
  • 9. When the tools are not used or for maintenance, when you change the devices and knives, make sure you disconnect the power plug.
  • 10. Check before turning on the switch to run the machine. It is necessary to check whether the cutting tools of the cutting piece and the fastening key are completely removed. This habit must be cultivated.
  • 11. To avoid accidental startup, you must check if the tool switch is turned off before inserting the plug into the power source. After turning on power, do not frequently press your finger on the switch.
  • 12. Exterior extensions, when using tools outside, be sure to use external extension cords.
  • 13. Do not wear ample clothing or accessories to avoid tangling when the tool turns. Rubber gloves and non-slip industrial safety shoes should be worn outside. Protective cap.
  • 14. Use safety glasses and wear a mask when there are too many chips and dust.
  • 15. Do not turn on the wire, do not slide the wire moving tool and avoid touching the hot object and the cutting metal edge or the grease.
  • 16. Secure the room. Use tongs to secure the piece to cut, which is safer than holding the room by hand.
  • 17. When repairing or replacing parts, be sure to use the parts specified by the original plant and send them to a professional replacement repair center.
  • 18. Pay attention to the workpiece and tool in unison. Tools should not be used in case of fatigue.
  • 19. Before using the tool, you must carefully check if the tool cover or other parts are damaged and check if the degree of damage will affect the normal operation of the tool. Check if all moving parts are in the correct position, if the parts are fixed, etc. Do not use a power switch that does not work properly to activate the tool.
  • 20. During the work, your body should not come into contact with grounded metal objects, such as iron pipes, radiators, refrigerators, etc.

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