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Everbuild Environmentally Friendly Stain Remover 1L and 405 Protector Sealer 5L

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Everbuild Cemstrip is a new type of cement, concrete and mortar stain remover that provides a more environmentally friendly and safer alternative to conventional hydrochloric acid based cement removers. Cemstrip will also remove salts and efflorescence from the surface of mineral substrates and is a very effective general cleaner for removing ingrained dirt, grease and stains from paths and patios. Cemstrip is a highly concentrated formula that can be diluted by up to 10 times with water to suit a variety of applications. Unlike hydrochloric acid based products Cemstrip can be safely used on most metal surfaces such as tools, cement mixers and other building equipment. Cemstrip is Non-hazardous in storage, transport and usage. It is also fully biodegradable.

Removes cement, mortar and concrete on most mineral
surfaces such as paths, patios and walls.
Cleaning tools, cement mixers and other building
Available in bottles or as a ready-to-use spray.
Water clean-up.
Economical, makes up to 10 times the volume of the
bottle when diluted.

Yield Approx. 10m2 per litre depending on porosity of substrate.

9 parts water to 1 part EVERBUILD CEMSTRIP
Cleaning general stains and ingrained dirt from paths, patios and horizontal surfaces.
2 parts water to 1 part
EVERBUILD CEMSTRIP Cleaning light mortar stains from paths, patios, walls
or vertical surfaces.
Product Data Sheet
May 2018, Version 01.01
020405030040000014 1 / 3
1 part water to 1 part EVERBUILD CEMSTRIP Cleaning
heavy mortar stains from walls or vertical surfaces.
Neat Cleaning tools, cement mixers and other building
When cleaning paths, patios, cement stains etc. from
surfaces always thoroughly wet surfaces prior to application.
Do not apply to a dry surface.
Always test a small inconspicuous area prior to full application.
When cleaning tools and equipment pre-wetting is not necessary.
General Cleaning:
Moisten surfaces with water and apply EVERBUILD
CEMSTRIP with brush or low pressure spray (avoiding mist formation) from the top of the area downwards.
Leave for 5-10 mins then scrub/wash off with a hose,
brush or power washer until the surface is clean. Never
allow the product to dry on surfaces. Where a
second application is necessary, repeat the procedure
Cleaning tools/equipment:
EVERBUILD CEMSTRIP will remove fresh cured cement
and wet or semi-cured cement from tools. Spray
onto item in question. Leave for 15 mins to act (light
stains) or up to 3 hours for heavy contamination.
Wash off the product with clean water. Use of a scourer will
assist removal of stubborn stains.
Use a hot power
wash to assist removal of staining from mixing equipment.
After removal, always spray tools with Everbuild
XT44 Maintenance Spray (or any other proprietary
maintenance spray) to prevent further
Do not use on marble, granite or travertine.
Do not use on coloured cement-based pavers.
Always test a small inconspicuous area prior to full application, especially on coloured flags/stones.
Do not use on soft metals such as lead brass, copper
or aluminium.
Do not apply to dry surfaces or allow Cemstrip to
dry on the surface.
Always thoroughly rinse equipment to prevent further
Avoid overspray on sensitive surface such as brass,
copper, stainless steel and aluminium.
Remove any excess material or spills immediately with clean fresh
Cleaning mortar or concrete from tools the
stronger or older the mix, the more difficult it will be to remove.
Always wash out spray equipment immediately after use with clean fresh water.
It is the user s responsibility to determine suitability for use.
If in doubt contact technical services for advice. EVERBUILD® 405 Path &Patio Seal is a solvent free acrylic coating used to seal and protect patios, paths,
natural stone, concrete and block paving from the effects of sunlight, water, oil, petrol and organic growth.
The milky solution dries to a hard wearing water repellent film which gives a low sheen, slip resistant finish
which will reduce dirt pickup and facilitate easier cleaning.The product is safer to use than conventional solvent based products, i.e. it is non-flammable and
will not harm plants and animals when used as directed.

Where it will protect from the effects of sunlight, water, oil, petrol and organic growth on:
Natural stone
Block paving

Solvent free formulation – non-flammable, low odour.
Improves appearance of paths/stone.
Also acts as a dustproofer and facilitates easier cleaning.
Dramatically improves water and mark resistance -
High degree of water repellency in dried film.
Contains a powerful fungicide – prevents unsightly growth in the film.

M.F.F.T ca 0°C
Drying Time 4 Hours

Consumption 1 Litre will cover approximately 8m² per coat depending on nature of surface

Surfaces must be free from grease, dust, loose material, algae etc. Clean surfaces with Everbuild Patio Wizard. For bad oil stains, use a proprietary detergent
such as EVERBUILD OIL AWAY and hot water.For very badly soiled surfaces, use Everbuild Brick & Patio Cleaner.In all cases, wash down the cleaned surface with a hose and broom to remove all traces of cleaning product.Pavers must be left for three months minimum after placing before over coating with this product.This will allow salts to leach out which otherwise may cause unsightly white patches appearing beneath the sealer, especially when the patio is wet.

Stir well before use. May be applied to damp (but not wet) surfaces.Apply using a long pile roller and tray or low-pressure spray. Ensure even and thorough coverage, especially on textured finishes where ponding of
the material MUST be avoided. Apply in two coats, allowing no more than 2 hours between coats.An extra coat may be applied if a semi gloss finish is required.
Drying time will be 4 hours from last coat at 20°C. This will be extended at lower temperatures.Do not apply below 5°C.

Clean tools with warm soapy water before the product dries on them

Areas treated with this product can be cleaned with warm water and detergent or Everbuild Patio Wizard.
Do not use acid based cleaners, as these will remove/discolour the product. Avoid using power

Use only as directed. Store only in original container.
Do not use on surfaces which have been treated with silicone or stearate based water seals (eg Everbuild
Waterseal) unless the surface is weathered enough so as to show no water beading effects.
Do not use if rain is imminent (within 5 hours at 20°C).
Do not apply below 5°C (air or surface temp).
Dispose of this product and packaging correctly. 
Do not allow to enter watercourses. 
It is the user’s responsibility to determine suitability for use. 
If in doubt, please contact Technical Services Department for further advice.

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