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Quality 18L Fruit Press incl pulp bag and 7l Fruit mill with crank handle

Reference: ME3511658

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Sold by: WilTec

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Quality 18L Fruit Press incl pulp bag and 7l Fruit mill with crank handle


The set includes a 7L fruit grinder and a 18L fruit press. With the fruit mill you can process fruit or even vegetables, which is too coarse for further processing in the supplied fruit press, to a mash.
A good fruit mash is essential for the production of juice, wort or must. This Fruit mill is well-suited for grinding berries, grapes, apples, pears, potatoes and other soft fruit/vegetables. However, harsh fruit and vegetables like sugar beets, carrots as well as immature and firm pome fruit respectively are not suitable for the processing.

Apples, pears, quince and similar related fruit are particularly ideal for further processing. The relatively firm fruit pulp is crushed by the fruit mill; by this means the mash being produced, increases the yield of juice and ensures the pressing of fruit respectively.
However, - and this holds also true for stone fruit - the grapes, raspberries, currants and similar fruit should not be ground. Anyway, this becomes unnecessary due to the soft nature of their flesh, just being covered by a thin skin. Due to the seeds contained in the fruit, the grinding process causes bitter substances to be released. This would turn the juice a dark brown colour.

Using this crusher for fruit and vegetables the products to be ground obtain their perfect consistency. The solid cutting mechanism (alloy of aluminum) is easily guided by manual operation. The funnel made of stainless steel is mounted on a base frame of square-cut steel tube. The funnel has a capacity of 7 liters. The base frame is equipped with rubber feet for a safe stand.

This manually operated chopper for fruit and vegetable has the dimensions 57.5 x 48.5 x 25.5 cm. It is easy to be cleaned and provides for a rich yield of fruit.
The processing of the pressed mash takes place with the robust berry press with ideal juice yield; Very high pressure due to a metal spindle construction.. Unlike some other suppliers, the press basket is manufactured from solid (red) beech wood.
The steel spindle is driven manually mechanically and disposes of a solid collecting funnel made of steel.
Depending on the mash (highly chopped fruit), a proper pressing process, quick and easy, can be guaranteed.
Each fruit species requires its own kind of preparation, though.

It is advised to break the grapes before use. This can be done either by a fruit mill or by hand. Pome fruit must be seeded before. However, the amount of juice yield is depending on the water content of the respective fruit and not on the operator´s capacity. Given an appropriate fruit preparation, you will find it convenient to press by only one hand.

All presses of this type do not allow to grind the fruits on the whole. You have to produce a mash (highly chopped fruit), otherwise a successful process is not possible. A wine/cider press must not be compared with a juicer. Both products operate in a completely different way. As for the grapes for example, they must not be processed in a juicer because their seeds would be destroyed and bitter substances released. It is the fruit press that assures that the seeds remain uncrushed, thus providing that juice can be processed into wine.
Quality 18L Fruit Press Apple Wine Cider incl. Pulp Bag

Anzahl Packstücke1
DimensionsOverall size 37 x 37 x 70 cm
Size basket 26 x 26 x 37 cm
Volume / Capacity18 l
net Weight [kg]13.0000
Package: Height in mm240
Package: Length in mm400
Package: Width in mm400
Availability Immediate dispatch,
available within 2-3 business days*
Fruit mill 7 l mash with crank handle

Anzahl Packstücke1
Volume / Capacity7 l
net Weight [kg]6.0000
Package: Height in mm245
Package: Length in mm365
Package: Width in mm325
Availability Immediate dispatch,
available within 2-3 business days*
  • Brand WILTEC
  • Type of product Juice press
  • Length 48.5 cm
  • Height 57.5 cm
  • Width 25.5 cm
  • Capacity 18 liters
  • ManoMano Reference ME3511658
  • SKU 30357

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Average rating: 3.9/ 5

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Profile Image stephen-pa6 1 reviews given 1 upvotes
Bought on 24/10/2017 Edited on 02/08/2019

Good cheap kit
Need 2 purchase more blocks at same time; circular compression blocks not as neat as would like couple of holes needed refilled but excellent value for money considering u get a scratter & press for the price; would recommend Read more

33 Reviews

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Profile Image john-du34 1 reviews given 0 upvotes
Bought on 07/10/2019 Published on 24/10/2019

Fruit press & fruit masher
We used both items the same day as delivery, having a quantity of washed apples & pears ready for processing. We found the fruit masher worked very well, though we also found it necessary to cut the fruit into quarters first. It would do them whole, but would take much longer & require a lot more effort. We mounted it above & between two portable workbenches using G cramps to keep it tethered down. The mash it produces falls into a large plastic bucket (not supplied here) placed directly under the masher. We already had a similar fruit press though a lot smaller than this one. It was full of woodworm so we decided a new larger one was in order. We found the new one worked very well, but it was necessary to cut some extra wood blocks as only two are provided. Even with a fully loaded press two are insufficient, but inevitably you will always end up with a partly full machine to press, so it is better to have another four wood blocks of similar size already cut. We couldn't understand why the containment sack was made so small. It would have been so much easier for filling if the top of the sack was large enough to fold over the rim of the press while filling it with fruit mash. As it was, filling was a messy task for two people. It would be so much better if the suppliers attended to these concerns. Nevertheless, very good equipment. Read more
Yes, I would recommend this product
Profile Image Ronen .B 1 reviews given 0 upvotes
Bought on 04/09/2019 Published on 30/09/2019

Not bad machine
Did what I expected it to do; I just wish they have added a few more wooden blocks, as two is not enough. They also should add informational instruction on how to do it (although semi self explanatory) and what to expect. All at all good buy. Read more
Yes, I would recommend this product
Profile Image Nathaniel.M2 2 reviews given 0 upvotes
Bought on 01/09/2019 Published on 16/09/2019

Missing half or order
Did not come with the fruit mill or the extra bags I ordered. Merchant has ignored my emails. I've not received a reply or acknowledgement. Read more
Profile Image Steve.D73 2 reviews given 0 upvotes
Bought on 18/08/2019 Edited on 16/09/2019

No assembly instructions and rust
Fortunately I'm not useless when it comes to DIY so I was able to assemble both the masher and the press, but had I been less competent, it would have proved very annoying. Also, whilst the bolts I used were fine, two of the pre-assembled parts of the measure worked loose. It was pure luck that I happened to look down and see something shiny in the mash and stopped to check. The washers and nuts! Now THAT would have been even more annoying. I also found that having only two blocks at the top meant that the bar and sides interfered which required pressing, unwinding, repacking, then pressing again until the bar met the side again, then unwind... So I cut 6 more blocks which allowed me to start the screw higher and press for longer. Final point, I washed the equipment down thoroughly after use, but when I came to use it again, I found that water had got into the crushers leg extensions and started rust, which then dribbled out when I was about to use it, so I strongly recommend taking them off after use (even 24 hours) even though it's nuts and bolts, which is a nuisance. I think my wife would prefer an electric press having used this one. Read more
Profile Image Jane.D16 1 reviews given 0 upvotes
Bought on 11/12/2018 Published on 30/01/2019

Great for making cider
This was purchased as a xmas present. It came well packaged and promptly delivered. We haven't opened it completely as we will use it in the summer to make cider. Once we have used I will update my review Read more
Profile Image Susan.R29 1 reviews given 0 upvotes
Bought on 12/12/2018 Published on 26/12/2018

Very easy to use and very good quality.
This was a gift for my partner, he loves it. Read more
Yes, I would recommend this product
Profile Image Eric.A97 1 reviews given 0 upvotes
Bought on 04/08/2018 Edited on 02/10/2018

Does what it says
More spacing blocks would be helpful Read more
Yes, I would recommend this product
Profile Image Karl.C10 1 reviews given 0 upvotes
Bought on 27/07/2018 Edited on 02/10/2018

Good value for small batches.
This is much cheaper as a set than if I had bought it from my usual home-brew shop. I disassembled the crusher/mill to soak and clean the hopper and the crushing mechanism in soapy water to remove any potential chemical residue from manufacturing. The mechanism is plastic and cast aluminium but did well to work its way through 18kg of apples. You may find the apples just roll around, if so reverse direction briefly or apply gentle pressure to the top of the apples but mind your hands! Be prepared to build arm muscle. I used a couple of 10mm spanners to remove the mechanism for cleaning and a 1/4" to attach the handle (disclaimer: may vary with other units). The press base came wrapped in plastic which came off the top well enough but had almost adhered to the underside and proved difficult to remove. I gave up as it didn't really matter if I left it there. The base would need to be screwed to something sturdy before use. Get a rough idea of how much juice you expect to press so you can set up the press at the right height for your receiving container. The internet told me that it's around 9kg for 3.78 litres. The wood slats need to be screwed (supplied) to the steel rings. I took the time to lightly sand the rough edges back to remove splinters which may poke your hand or catch the net (supplied). As mentioned in other reviews, additional blocks of wood will assist in getting a full press of juice. I soaked and cleaned the threaded rod which was heavily greased (don't want that in my cider) and treated it with a food-safe oil after to prevent rust. I may treat the wood slats before my next press with the oil as well. It's straightforward to assemble although as the vertical rods tighten with the pressing they become hard to unscrew. The red paint flaked off a little too easily so hopefully it's not toxic. The semicircles could be a little larger in radius as i found apple escaping up the side during the press. This is good value though and its a great way to use those garden apples. Read more
Yes, I would recommend this product
Profile Image stephen-pa6 1 reviews given 1 upvotes
Bought on 24/10/2017 Edited on 02/08/2019

Good cheap kit
Need 2 purchase more blocks at same time; circular compression blocks not as neat as would like couple of holes needed refilled but excellent value for money considering u get a scratter & press for the price; would recommend Read more
Profile Image roy-pa 2 reviews given 0 upvotes
Bought on 13/10/2017 Edited on 02/10/2018

The cheapest press I could find in this size. High quality too.
The only minor gripe i have with the press is that it really needs additional blocks to help squeeze the last juice from the pulp. It's fairly easy to fabricate some of these yourself though. I would recommend screwing the press to a suitable height platform and holes are provided in the legs for this. I used a small folding aluminium step platform. If you have a lot of apples (we processed over a ton) i would consider a larger model. Read more

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