Glitter Pink Glass Feature Walls Borders Splashbacks Mosaic Tiles Sheet MT0018

Glitter Pink Glass Feature Walls Borders Splashbacks Mosaic Tiles Sheet MT0018

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Mosaic Tiles

Materials: Glass

Colour: Pink with glitter

Suitable for bathroom and kitchen walls and ideal for making splashbacks, borders and feature walls

The mosaics tile pieces are glued onto a flexible backing making them easy to lay

The sheets can easily be cut into border and edging strips using scissors or a craft knife

These mosaic tiles can be bought as a small sample


1 sheet is 30cm x 30cm and is the unit of measure for this listing

11 sheets make up one square meter

Conversion: 2.54cm = 1 inch and 1m² = 10.764ft²

Each sheet contains 144 tile pieces

Tile pieces are: 23mm x 23mm

Tile thickness is 4mm

This listing is for buying 30cm x 30cm sheets

Use non-sanded or un-sanded or sandless fine grout because sanded grout may scratch the finish during installation.

Calculate the number of mosaic tile sheets you will need to complete your tiling project:

Sizes used here are made up examples, you will need to substitute these numbers with the sizes of the mosaic sheets you want to use and the area you need to tile.First calculate the size of one mosaic tile sheet (eg 30cm x 30cm = 900cm²)Then calculate the area to be tiled. (eg 90cm x 250cm = 22500cm²)Then divide the total area to be tiled by the area of one sheet (eg 22500 / 900 = 25 sheets needed)Useful conversions:1 m = 100 cm1 m = 1000 mm1 m² = 10 000 cm²2.54cm = 1 inch1m² = 10.764ft²


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