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Griddle Pan Cast Iron Reversible Grill Plate Enamel Rectangular Pan 50 x 23cm

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Product out of stock
Product details
  • Kind
    Cooking tray, BBQ Pan
  • Material
    Cast iron
Traditional cast iron construction, enamel coating.
Reversible design, flat side & ridged side.
Ridged side is perfect for cooking meat, it can drain fats and oils away from your food.
Features 2 integrated handles for safe and easy lifting. Don't touch the handles with your bare hands when lifting the plate.
Can be used on induction, ceramic/halogen, electric and gas heat sources.
Rapid and efficient cooking
Ideal for cooking meat, fish, vegetables, eggs, pancakes, fajitas, grilled sandwiches and more!

Material: Cast Iron
Coating: enamel
Overall Dimensions: 50 x 23cm