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Grundfos 98452219 Conlift 1 LS Condensate Removal Pump

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The CONLIFT1 LS is the latest addition to the robust and very popular Grundfos condensate removal range. Based on the strong and highly featured CONLIFT1, CONLIFT1 LS is a cost-effective, entry-level model, still capable of removing condensate in a wide variety of applications. Despite its highly competitive price point, CONLIFT1 LS is based on proven components and backed by Grundfos renowned quality levels, ensuring exceptional reliability. Add to this more features and benefits than any other comparative product and CONLIFT1 LS is your ideal choice.

Floor standing or wall-hung
Pre-installed non-return valve unit fixed via bayonet fitting
Motor/pump can be rotated 180 on the tank
Four symmetrical inlets
5 m drain hose and different adaptors are included
Discharge can handle 8 and 10 mm hoses
Alarm contact with 1.7 m cable

Unique sealing system ensures corrosion free design
Water lock (syphon) inside tank prevents gas admittance from boilers
Motor enables up to 60

Unique design ensures low-noise operation

Able to easily handle high temperature ( 90 C) inflows for up to 5 minutes, all models in the CONLIFT range have been tested and confirmed suitable for connection to the discharge from a
domestic (<40kW) condensing boiler
Pressure Relief Valve (PRV)

Condensate from dehumidifiers, air-conditioning systems, commercial cooling system and condensing boilers in particular may seem like an insignificant problem. However, where it cannot be removed by a natural gravity fall, for example due to a cellar location, kitchen cupboard layout or doorway preventing straightforward access to a drain, a condensate pump provides an easy and convenient solution.