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High Pressure Washer

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Product out of stock
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Product details
  • Pressure
    110 bar
  • Power
    2000 W
  • Attributes
Product details :
Voltage 220-240V ¡«
Frequency 50Hz
Watt 2000W
Protection Class II
Degree of protection IPX5
Rated pressure 11MPa
Allowable pressure 15MPa
Rated flow 6.7l/min
Max. flow 7.8l/min
Max. inlet pressure: 0.7Mp
Sound pressure level:
Uncertainty: LpA=88 dB(A)
Sound power level:
Uncertainty: LwA=92dB (A)
Vibration value ¦Áh=1.8m/s2
Color:Black+ Orange
1*High Pressure Washer
Site Cleaning : Flush courtyard , Clear Air condition,Rinse moss, Wash glass etc.

Recommended cleaning method
? Spray the detergent sparingly on the dry surface and allow it to react, but not to dry.
? Spray off loosened dirt with the high pressure Met.

Proper use:
Use this pressure washer for private households only:
If connection is made to a potable water system, the system shall be protected against backflow.
This high pressure cleaner is designated with a rated input current. The intended use of this product covers the cleaning of vehicles, buildings, terraces, facades and garden equipment using clean water and biodegradable chemical detergents. Likewise the product can be used to clean paving slabs or rain gutters.
This product may not be used to clean clothing, shoes and other textiles. The water jet should not be directed against persons. Animals, any electrical equipment or on the product itself. Do not flush any objects which contain health hazardous materials. The product must not be run with inflammable, explosive and toxic liquids.
For safety reasons it is essential to read the entire instruction manual before first operation and to observe all the instructions there in.