Imex 350mm Digital Angle Gauge Finder Large LCD Display

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  • Warranty 1 year
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  • Length
    200 cm
  • Origin
    Made in Europe
  • Warranty
    1 year
  • ManoMano Reference
  • MMID
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Imex 350mm Digital Angle Finder Gauge
Manufactured in Germany, these precision Imex 350mm Digital Angle Finder Gauge (s) are the professional instrument for all interior or exterior angles, roof pitches, staircase and balustrades, shower and window angles and steel fabrication angles.

Benefits: Imex Digital Angle Finder Gauge

Precision angle finder — measures the exact angle of existing surface within 0.1.

Simple mitre cut calculator — calculates the exact mitre angle needed for perfect fit of baseboard, picture frames and more
Compound cut calculator — calculates the exact mitre and bevel angles needed for a perfect fit of crown mouldings and more
Versatile memory — stores an angle measurement (such as crown moulding spring angle) and for repeated use.
Protractor — positions work piece or intended cut line at exactly the desired
Level — built-in vertical and horizontal spirit levels, accurate to 0 +/- 0.05° Digital readout displays on front for easy viewing
Limited 2-year warranty

These Imex Digital Angle Finder Gauge protractors can be used in any plane and will help find precise angles with ease. Excellent for setting up a saw, calculating the correct angle for a bend, or measuring an existing part. Extra long versions with longer legs make accuracy a breeze.

Ok whats this all about then.... well,this is a multi-purpose tool for the naysayers who say that you can't really use the crown cut calculations, consider this: First, you will have to manually calculate the mitre and bevel angles anyway if you're cutting flat. Why not have a tool do it for you? Even if you're sneaking up on the fit, it will save you time in finding the starting angles. And, of course, not all crown can be cut at its spring angle against the fence, nor do all saws have the clearance. The second common complaint is that you can't set fractional angles with much accuracy on a chop saw anyway, so why bother. That rationale went out the window with digital angle setters, which will let you set bevel and mitre to 1/10th of a degree.It's four Tools in One: Angle Finder, Cut Calculator, Protractor and a Level! Ok its over to you now.
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