INTEX Twin Size Inflatable Raised Air Bed with Built in Pump Double Airbed Mattress

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    Manual inflation, Included bag
  • Length
    99.06 cm
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    99 cm
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This popular Pillow Rest air bed creates a splendidly restful retreat from a stiff roll away bed or hide-a-bed couch. Sturdy construction and luxury designer features make the Pillow Rest air mattress a best-seller. More comfortable than the living room sofa, the Pillow Rest inflatable air mattress fits just about anywhere. This inflatable bed raises its occupant 18.5 inches above floor-level on a delightfully lofty cushion of air. Pillow-top channels and an integrated head rest optimize your comfort, while the integrated, two-way pump allows you to customize the fill as needed. Stow the cord safely away at night inside the pump to prevent mishaps in the dark. Plush, velvet-soft surface flocking works with the specially engineered side channels to grip your standard twin bedding firmly in place for wrinkle-free, more comfortable sleep. Please note that it comes with EU plug.
Model Number: INTEX 64122
Model: Pillow Rest Raised Air Mattress
16.5 Inch Raised Air Bed: Don't make your guests sleep on the floor. With the 16.5 inch Pillow Rest Raised air mattress you'll give your guests the feeling and comfort of sleeping on a box spring and mattress
Designed for Fitted Sheets: The side indentation and flocked top grip fitted sheets tight and doesn't allow them to slide around
Built-In Air Bed Pump: Simply plug this inflatable bed into any home outlet and you'll be ready for bed in minutes. Plus once your airbed is fully inflated easily store the electrical cord inside the pump to avoid tripping on it during the night
Pump Inflates and Deflates Air Bed: This two-way air bed pump makes inflating or deflating this air mattress a breeze. To set up the airbed simply turn the knob to inflate, switch the pump on and wait until its to your desired firmness. Then when its time to put your bed away simply turn the knob to deflate, switch the pump on and let the pump suck out all of the air for you. This two-way air bed pump makes rolling up your air bed for storage much easier
Material: 21.2 gauge (0.53 mm) flocked top and sides with 15 gauge (0.38 mm) vinyl bottom
Recommended Airbed Sheets: Standard fitted sheets. Flocked top and sides grip sheets tight
Inflation Time: Approximately 2.5 minutes
Color: Navy blue top, sides and bottom
Air Bed Includes: Built-in pump, travel bag, repair kit, instructions
Manufacturer Dimensions
39" Wide x 75" Long x 16.5" Tall
99 cm Wide x 191 cm Long x 42 cm Tall
Dimensions may vary up to two inches depending on firmness