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IronMan IM-309 Advanced Single Station Home Multi Gym

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The IronMan IM-309 Advanced Single Station home gym comes with a massive 145lb weight stack. The Iron Man range of gyms have such an extremely high build quality that we are proud to offer a lifetime warranty on the frame. The gym is made from very robust 38mm steel square tubing with black chip resistant powder coating and impact absorbing rubber end caps. This home gym like all Iron Man products is built to last ensuring it can be a prominent feature in your home workouts for years ahead.

Because the IM-309 Advanced Multi-Gym is a top-end product aimed at people who are really serious about their training we have included an Ab-Crunch Harness cable attachment. When used in conjunction with the top bottom or (unique to this gym in the IronMan range) rear cable pulley will enable you to do even more advanced workouts and target even more muscles groups. When combined with the massive weight stack this will ensure fantastic results in strength conditioning and visibly improved toning.

Important Note: The gym is not supplied with the rope attachment pictured it actually comes with an Ab-Crunch Harness that enables you to do similar exercises to a rope but also has the added benefit of enabling very specific targetting of the Abs to be done.

Below is a list of some of the exercises you can do with the IronMan 309:

  • Upright rows
  • Chest Press
  • Leg Extensions
  • Crunches and sit-ups
  • Butterfly press to target biceps triceps and pecs
  • Lateral pulldown to target triceps shoulders pecs & obliques
  • Arm curl bar to target biceps & triceps
  • Leg curl bar to target calves and thighs
  • Bicep curls on the preacher pad
  • Seated weighted curls using the rear cable pulley and rope attachment
  • Tricep rope push or pull-downs
  • Ab Crunches

    Weight Stack:

    There is a massive 145lb weight stack included with this gym with an easy pull pin locking system in place. This ensures that any weight changes can be done quickly and safely.


    The main frame is made from the highest grade box steel while the back pad & seat are thickly padded with foam and have a wipe clean PVC covering.

    Built Dimensions:

    196 x 105 x 207cm Length x Width x Height

    Total Weight:


    Box 1 Dimensions:

    184 x 22 x 18cm GW 29kg

    Box 2 Dimensions:

    140 x 44 x 20cm GW 31.5kg

    Box 3 Dimensions:

    38.5 x 21 x 29cm GW 33kg

    Box 4 Dimensions:

    38.5 x 21 x 33.5cm GW 31.5kg

    Max. User Weight: