Manga X Pool Robot - Wireless - Rechargeable

Manga X Pool Robot - Wireless - Rechargeable

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Overview :
Presentation : Pool robot Manga X - Rechargeable, Wireless autonomous pool robot ideal for cleaning the bottom of the pool. Easy to use, this robot is very practical and efficient. Advantages : Easy to install Autonomous Easy to use Its movements are adapted to the pool in question for a quick and efficient cleaning. Rotary head Water sensor Suitable for any type of swimming pool, flat bottom, above ground or inground and all types of surfaces The compact and lightweight design allows effortless transportation in and out of the pool. Adjustable inclined wings to optimize the cleaning trajectory Features : Debris Capacity: 4L / 1.1 gal. Compatible coating: Any coating (liner, tile, concrete, painted, shell, etc ...) Type of bottom: Flat bottom or slope up to 10°. Filter type: Stainless steel filter screen Weight: 6,7 Kg Reference : KOK-200-0127 Packaging : 1 x Pool Robot Manga X - Rechargeable Delivered in its original packaging Warranty : Product guaranteed for two years
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