Marine Ocean Design LED Panel, 3D Effect, 60x60cms (4pc set)

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Features: ENER-J's Marine Ocean Design 600mm x 600mm LED light panels (actual size 595mm x 595mm) provide a beautiful, relaxing, stunning and realistic under Sea effect, and are perfect for office, corporate, recreational and medical spaces, where they will create a wow-factor! The total size of the image when the 4 panels are fitted together is 1200mm x 1200mm. By coupling 6000K LED panels with a realistic high-resolution picture, you will really feel like you are working outside when you are actually inside! The colour temperature of our light matches daylight. This makes it feel like you are actually looking outside through a window of a submarine, and visitors and employees also experience the positive effects of daylight when they are inside. They will: Result in more energy for you, your colleagues and your visitors. Reduce anxiety, due to the sense of being under water. Provide a wow-factor within your reception area, office, or even children's nursery! Our panels are made for 600x600 suspended ceiling installation and provide a ‘Plug and Play' solution for the light. This makes it possible for the set of 4 panels to be installed within one lunch break! If you don't have a suspended ceiling you can still enjoy the effect of our panels by using one of the following mounting options: Cable Suspension kits – for ceiling mounting with a contemporary look. Read less Technical Specifications: Wattage: 40W Voltage: 170-245V Color Temperature: 6000K Lumens: 2200Lm per 60x60 LED Panel Ra: <80 P.F: <0.9 Certification: CE/ROHS/EMC Warranty: 3 Years Set: Take 4 units to make a large marine image in square


  • Size
    60x60 cm
  • Light color
    Cool white
  • Length
    595 mm
  • Lighting power
    2200 lumen
  • Width
    595 mm
  • ManoMano Reference
  • SKU
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