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Planting Light Gardening Light Plant Light Plant Light LED Band Growth Plant (T5 Plant Light 6 W + Power Cord

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Indoor plants must be complemented by red and blue light to become healthier, and the color will be more beautiful, because only light can do the photosynthesis of plants and keep the nutrients needed for growth. The light of the plant has 4 bright bars, 80 LED lights and the number of red and blue LEDs is 56 + 24, which can effectively promote flowering of plants and extend the flowering period, promote germination and growth. plants and provide efficient plants in winter auxiliary fires.

The combination of intelligent control time and LED light bars: You can freely adjust the working time and the number of workbars. This can operate by cycles. Button 1: 3h, 6h, 12h three synchronization modes, button 2: Select the combination of work projectors. (2 pieces-2 pieces-4 pieces). Button 3: Main switch and brightness mode, brightness is divided into four levels: 25%, 50%, 75% and 100%. Only three buttons easy to configure and use

Easy to install: The LED lighting device with timer can be connected in series with 2 + 2 or 4 pieces as needed. A high-resistance double-sided adhesive tape is used to connect the test tube directly to the support without fear of falling. In addition, we are also equipped with 3 extensions and cable clamps to meet the needs of different locations. The installation is more flexible and practical

application: This type of plant growth lamp with timer, whose wavelength is between 460 and 660 Nm, is mainly used in family gardens, suitable for indoor or greenhouse plants, such as flowering plants, in pot and deciduous leaves. Blue light can increase chloroplast activity, promote plant photosynthesis and improve germination and growth; Red light promotes flowering plants and prolongs the flowering period

Why choose LED tapes with timer?

  • 1. Energy saving: This set of 4 vegetable bright bands uses LED chips as a light source, which is more ecological and more energy efficient than traditional halogen lamps.
  • 2. Lamp: The LED strip is made of high quality aluminum alloy, which is easy to dissipate heat. At the same time, each luminous bar weighs only 70 grams, which is easy to stick to the shelf and not easy to fall.
  • 3. Easy to use: equipped with a timer to start the cycle. At the same time, you can adjust the working time of the cycle or choose a fixed working time of 3h / 6 / 12h. The adjustment of three buttons is simple and convenient.
  • 4. Various accessories, including three connection cables (1.5 m), adapters (1.5 m), 10 cable clamps and a double-sided rugged rubber ring for assembly.
  • 5. Wide range of applications. This type of vegetable ribbon LED light can be used for a variety of indoor plants, such as: B.Observe the flowers, succulent plants and various vegetables in the living room and balcony, such as lettuce, cabbage, pepper, etc.
  • Product packing:
  • 5 vegetable bright stripes
  • 1 adapter
  • Product settings
  • Power: 40 watts
  • Input voltage: 100-240V
  • Luminous flux: 150-160 LM
  • Size: 450 x 19 x 15 mm
  • Operating temperature: -20 ° C-40 ° C
  • Recommended suspension height: 0.3-0.5 m
  • Recommended working hours: 12-18 hours
  • Life expectancy: more than 5,000 hours
  • Number of red lights: 56 (wavelength 660nm)
  • Number of blue lights: 24 (wavelength 470nm)
  • Note: The extent of the supply is the European standard and the power cord is white
  • the user manual is Maybe not in French, please contact me if you need French, best wishes
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