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Pot of artificial green plant grass fragrant bonsai home decoration wedding decoration small plant in artificial pot (green and yellow)

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  • Material: Plastic flower
  • Choose flowers and artificial plants to decorate the room. The benefits are numerous.
  • 1. Strong plasticity, protection of green and environment
  • The raw materials of artificial flowers mainly include: Plastic products, silk products, polyester products and resinous clay materials In addition, metal rods, glass tubes, blown paper, fiber wire, decorative paper and ribbons are used. These materials have little or no contamination. Due to the high elasticity of the material, it can be combined with models with heights and special shapes and kept green, thus exceeding the limit of authenticity. The image is realistic, living and alive, which is comparable to flowers and plants.
  • Two. Low environmental impact
  • Nowadays, most public places and offices use air conditioning and interior lighting is often insufficient. Therefore, planting a plant inside is not an easy task, but artificial flowers can easily reach the goal of artificial flowers and plants. But for a long time the colors remain bright and the four seasons are the same.
  • Three. Easy maintenance
  • The branches and leaves of artificial flowers do not mold, do not rot, should not be watered and do not generate mosquitoes. Flowers and artificial plants do not need to be cultivated manually, avoiding watering, size and foundry problems. There are no side effects of accidental ingestion by children, which is very suitable for families with children and the elderly, but the husband and the woman work;
  • four . Most artificial flowers and plants are cheap.
  • Some of them are well below the true flowers and herbs. They are practical to transport and easy to use: If you need a design change, group up
  • The combination can change different atmospheres. It is suitable for the beautification of the environment of mass families and is sustainable.
  • About the production process and related knowledge on artificial flowers
  • 1. The process of manufacturing artificial flowers most are silk drawn, silk fabric, plastic, etc.
  • 2. The large simulation flower has a realistic effect because of the dough, and the side of the silk fabric is not easy to plush, so that the cost of production is more expensive.
  • 3. Semi-manual and semi-machine carefully manufactured.

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