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Rectangular basin, square basin, medium blue and white blank basin 25.8 * 8.5cm

Product out of stock
Product out of stock
Product details
  • plastic material
  • large, medium and small specifications
  • article article folding basin
  • Net weight 190 grams for small size, 290 grams for the Medium size, 430 grams for large size
  • color blue and white, off-white, pink and white
  • large, medium, small
  • gross weight 430
  • Folding of the square storage basin, folding storage, saving space.
  • It is suitable for domestic use and transport. It is made in PP + TPR, with enough materials, thick and durable.
  • expandable material TPR, no deformation after multiple folding, practical storage
  • The folding thickness is about 3.5 to 5 cm and storage does not take place
  • You can bend the sink with a single two-handed pressure and put it in the corner without taking a place
  • the folding part is made of flexible material TPR. Due to the high height of the large basin, the product is folded several times
  • , the development of individual products can be a little unlimited, but it does not affect the use of functions.
  • no bpa. User-friendly, just open and bend when used to save space.
  • The extensive size saves space, saving more than 70% space during storage.
  • It is perfect for outdoor uses such as freezing drinks, dishes and camping, barbecue and camping cleaning
  • Non-slip design in the background maintains the stable basin and firm.
  • easy to hang on the wall opening
  • Please allow a slight deviation in the measurement data and make sure that does not bother you before ordering.

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