Relaxdays Hamster Ball, Exercise Ball for Hamsters & Mice, Rodent Toy, Free Range Orb, Plastic, 14 cm, Transparent

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If you want to provide your pet with some more range and variety, this hamster ball is just what you've been looking for. It is a safe and handy accommodation for your darling while you clean up the cage or terrarium, so you can avoid unnecessary stress. If you live in an apartment that does not allow for your pet to roam free, this ball is an ideal alternative. Thanks to the clear plastic, you can always keep an eye on everything the little rascal is up to. Slits ensure ideal ventilation at all times.

Please note: Give your pet some time for getting used to the ball. Use only under supervision and do not push the ball around to avoid stress. Please make sure that your pet does not bump into obstacles.

Hamster Ball Details
- Diameter: app. 14 cm
- Material: PP
- Weight: app. 70 g
- Colour: Transparent

Exercise Ball for Small Animals
- Variety for hamsters and mice
- Free range alternative for apartments
- Accommodation while you clean the cage
- With ventilation slits
- Lid can be easily opened and closed

Included in Delivery
- 1 x Hamster Ball
- Decorative items shown in product photos are not included


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