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Salamander Accuboost 60L Pumped Accumulator Tank Digital Motor ACC-060-SYS

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Pumped 60L

A pumped accumulator offers an excellent solution when your incoming mains flow is below 12ltr/min and/or the static pressure is below 2.0 bar. This pump will always maintain 12 litres per minute along with the extra flow provided by the tank. The 60L pumped accumulator delivers a maximum flow rate of 14 ltr/min for 9 mins, giving an extra boost to mains water flow.


This pump features an innovatively designed bypass tube which diverts the water from the end of the pump that isn’t pumping water. This can happen when one tap is switched off when a bath or basin is being filled, so the crossover is there to stop the expansion from overheating on the side of the pump which doesn’t contain any water.

Digital Motor Technology

The motor cleverly uses the correct amount of electricity it needs to drive the pump, allowing for variable speed control. The motor has tighter tolerances which reduces friction and noise. With no contacting parts, this motor is much less likely to wear out so you don’t have to worry about replacing often.

Advanced Motor Drive

The Advanced Motor Drive technology uses feedback from other parts within the pump to control the speed and the spinning of the motor. This therefore creates an instant reaction which delivers a seamless performance and fantastic energy efficiency.

Compact Size

Salamander are champions when it comes to producing small yet powerful shower pumps. This is not only great for an installer but you too, allowing you to fit and operate it in smaller than normal areas. Size really does matter when it comes to shower pumps and flexible installations.

Dynamic Pump Control

The Dynamic Pump Control cleverly monitors pressure and flow to make the motor run at a given speed, making it extremely responsive. This also helps make the pump energy efficient and longer lasting due to the motor not being over worked where it’s not necessary.

Powerful Noise Reducing Technology

It’s no surprise that shower pumps can be on the noisy side considering the job that they do. That being said, they don’t have to be, providing they’re designed with noise reduction in mind. Salamander pumps are exactly that, featuring noise and vibration reducing feet which work in perfect sync with the natural vibration of the motor. Also, the materials used within the pump are capable of dampening the vibration of rotating parts, reducing noise further.

Solid State Switching

Solid State Switching is the activation system used within Salamander shower pumps. Where other pumps rely upon moving parts within them to activate, the new solid state switching from Salamander uses an electronically operated switch with no moving parts, thus improving the reliability, the sensitivity, and the overall product life.

Dynamic Response System

The Dynamic Response system helps prevent the motor from over working by reacting to a change in pressure or flow. The system sends a message to the motor to slow down if there is an increase, helping the pump maintain a consistent water output.

Anti-Stiction Protection TM

The Anti Stiction protection™ prevents the seals from sticking, meaning you will get a first time start every time. A film of water is formed across the seals which acts like a lubricant to prevent sticking. The pump has clever electronics which detect if the pump hasn’t been turned on for 48 hours, so it will turn it on momentarily to refresh the water film to continue to prevent any sticking.

3 Year Guarantee

When buying anything for your home you need to know that it's going to stand the test of time. This is why this product comes with a fantastic 3 year guarantee against any manufacturing defects should the worst happen and the product is not up to standard.

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