Scheppach Demolition Hammer : AB1600

Scheppach Demolition Hammer : AB1600
Scheppach Demolition Hammer : AB1600
Scheppach Demolition Hammer : AB1600
Scheppach Demolition Hammer : AB1600
Scheppach Demolition Hammer : AB1600
Scheppach Demolition Hammer : AB1600
Scheppach Demolition Hammer : AB1600
Scheppach Demolition Hammer : AB1600
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Product details
  • Weight
    16 kg
  • Power
    1600 W
  • Power source
  • Strike force
    50 joule
  • NF certification
  • ManoMano Reference
  • MMID
  • Product code

With its 1600-watt electric motor, 50 joules of impact force, and 2000 strokes per minute, the Scheppach AB1600 Demolition Hammer is a true powerhouse. It effortlessly breaks through walls and concrete, aided by its 16 kg weight. Thanks to anti-vibration and the two soft-grip handles, the tool remains secure during operation. The AB1600 comes with point and flat chisels, as well as a metal case.

Demolish Anything, Anywhere

Tiles, walls, concrete foundations – they all yield to the Scheppach AB1600 Demolition Hammer. With its 1600-watt motor, single impact strength of 50 joules, and a rate of 2000 strokes per minute, even the toughest concrete stands no chance. This corded demolition and chipping hammer is a powerful tool for ground-level demolition work.

Versatile Chisels Included

Equipped with the 390 mm pointed chisel or the 390 mm flat chisel, both included in the package, demolishing walls, removing floor tiles, or breaking down foundations, stones, and concrete blocks becomes effortless for any tradesperson, whether at home or on the construction site. Thanks to its compact and slim design, working in hard-to-reach areas is also possible.

Efficient Demolition Work

When it comes to demolition work, a demolition hammer is a valuable tool for easing the workload. Instead of manual labour with a hammer and chisel, the hammer's chisel drills into the material to be removed, making the job much less physically demanding and more efficient.

Stability and Precision

A higher machine weight facilitates this process by allowing for greater pressure. The net weight of 16 kg ensures that the AB1600 practically works itself into the ground.

Quick Tool Changes

The AB1600 features a 30 mm hex tool holder for easy and quick tool changes, without the need for additional tools, using a quick-release mechanism.

Comfort in Mind

With the two soft-grip handles, the demolition hammer remains comfortable to hold even during extended periods of use. The integrated anti-vibration system further contributes to user comfort. The front handle can be adjusted to individual needs with a locking screw, while the rear D-handle not only provides an ergonomic grip but also makes it easier to retrieve the demolition hammer from debris on the ground.

Convenient Storage

For transport and proper storage of the demolition hammer after work is done, a metal case is included in the package.

Key Features

  • Includes Point and Flat Chisels and Metal Case
  • 50 Joules of Impact Force
  • Easy and Fast Tool Change
  • D-Handle with Soft-Grip for Low-Vibration Operation
  • Compact and Slim Design Enables Work in Tight Spaces

2 Year Warranty

For added peace of mind, this demolition comes with a 2 year DIY warranty / 1 year commercial warranty.

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