Special adhesion promoter PROFHOME ELF primer for interior walls and heavyweight wallpaper white 12.5 ltr for max 60 sqm

Special adhesion promoter PROFHOME ELF primer for interior walls and heavyweight wallpaper white 12.5 ltr for max 60 sqm

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Manufacturer: e-Delux

Article no.: 300-22

Collection: Profhome

Manufacturer: e-Delux

Manufacturing country / region: Germany

Basic colour: white

Model no.: PROFHOME | 300-22

Collection: Profhome

Volume: 12,5 L

Coverage: approx. 60 m2

Consumption: approx. 200 g/m2

Specifications: white pigmented, good coverage, emission- and solvent-free, excellent adhesion for wallpaper and non-woven glue

Product type: Adhesion promoter

White adhesion promoter for non-woven wall liner and heavy-weight wallpaper | special primer for interior walls

Ready for use, white-pigmented adhesion promoter for pre-treating surfaces to enhance their adhesion for following coatings. PROFHOME® adhesion promoter is a professional priming paint without texture and helps to provide optimum adhesion for wallpaper pastes, non-woven and fiber pastes and paint coating on wall and ceiling surfaces. Obtain a perfect bonding for heavy-weight wall coverings like renovation wall liner, textile or glass fiber wall coverings and glass fibre wallpaper. Moreover it corrects the surface's colour tone differences. Free from harmful emissions, solvent- and plasticiser-free, environmentally friendly.

Application rate: approx. 200g/m2 depending on the absorptivity of the underground material. 12,5 litres are sufficient for approx. 60 m2. Recommended to test the individual absorptivity in advance.

The surface to be treated shall be smooth, clean, dry, absorptive and stable. Repair fissures and gaps with filler. Remove unevennesses.

Application: coat with brush, paint-brush, roller, spraying devices or airless painting devices. In case of very absorbent underground material it is strongly recommended to treat the surface in advance with an adequate primer.

Temperature for application: minimum + 5°C air and surface temperature during application and drying time. Drying time (normal atmospheric humidity) approx. 12 to max. 24 hours. Then the surface is dry and ready to hang wallpaper. Clean the working equipment with water after use.

Significant properties:
- enhances the adhesion for following coatings
- excellent adhesion for wallpaper and non-woven pastes
- corrects colour tone differences of the surface
- base coating for dispersion paints
- may also be used as adhesion promoter and primer for exterior walls

EU threshold for this product cat. A/h: 30g/l (2010). This product contains maximum 1 g/l VOC. Ingredients according to VdL RL01 (German Association of Lacquer and Paint Industry directive): special binding agent, white pigment, calcium carbonate, water, additives, MIT/BIT.

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