Spray adhesive 3M Scotch-Weld 77 multi-purpose

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Overview :
Presentation: The multi-use adhesive 3M Scotch-Weld 77 is a spray adhesive. It adheres quickly and has a long working time in case of double bonding. Spray adhesive 77 is a light colored glue, making no stain. Features: Suitable for many versatile applications - resistant assembly on many lightweight materials Low impregnation for durable assemblies Rapid setting and extremely durable Advantages: Nozzle: Variable flow Very good moisture resistance Very good resistance Good resistance to environment Excellent UV aging resistance spray Type: particle Tips: Excellent glue for many works display and furnishing Collage glass fiber insulation materials Collage of diagrams and wiring labels some of Collage Collage joined films , metal foils and decorative fabrics thin Numerous applications at the point of sale Maintenance of winding motor coils fixing abrasive discs fabric collage on scoreboards paper labels for packaging identification Realization
Product specification :
Good moisture resistance
500 ML Aerosol
resistance to high temperatures - up to 71 ° C Very good resistance to aging
Suitable for many applications Quick setting and highly resistant


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