Stainless steel deodorant floor siphon, stainless steel deodorant floor drain 11cm old soil drain renovation special washing machine Double use bathroom 110 pipe

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    110 mm
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    2 years
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Floor drain cover plate: The first layer of filter sieve, filter the large impurities, the panel is convenient to take and effectively intercepts foreign matter in the sewer.

Second layer filter: Expanded stainless steel filter, effective anti-clogging, drainage without obstruction and value objects safer.

Self-sealing floor drain core: elastic non-return sealing design, opens automatically when the water flows and closes automatically when there is no water for Avoid odors.

Inside core of the deep water seal: Efficiently isolate sewer caterpillars and odors, which makes the filter easy to clean without clogging.

Deep Waterproof Outdoor Core: Monobloc Outdoor Core, Thickened Core and Expanded Edges, does not fall, insect-resistant and odor to protect the domestic environment.

Self-sealing plastic floor drain core: The floor drain core is plastic, with closer sealing, better deodorant effect and a more practical disassembly and disassembly.

The main body of the floor siphon: high quality stainless steel cast iron, with a loop design, curly with the lid of the soil siphon to prevent the panel from being struck.

The drawing process is durable and durable

The surface is finely stretched natural steel and the corners are purified, anti-aging and corrosion resistant.

The striped overlay plate quickly empties

designed with an air / air ratio of 50%, it drains quickly and can effectively filter the hair and other debris.

With loop design

It comes with a hidden loop, a loop switch indication and a fixed panel to prevent it from being struck.

Large drainage space and good effect

Triangular drain, simple drainage structure, normal work, high drainage efficiency.

Principle of the sealing and deodorization of deepwater

The deep water-tight soil siphon can effectively block odors, so that the bathroom n n 'is more affected by the smell.

The principle of self-proclaimed deodorization

By using gravity and mechanical principles for deodorizing, the self-closing kernel opens automatically when it meets water and Closes automatically when wastewater is used to prevent odors, which can effectively prevent odors and reflux of wastewater.

The principle of deodorizing the self-sealing plastic core

The soil siphon device that uses the gravity equilibrium principle of the permanent magnet to curb top down opens and closes. When working, when the water flows into the soil siphon, when it reaches a certain amount, the severity of the water opens. The lower ABS joint, and the water flows without hindrance. Once the water flow has been interrupted, the ABS seal closes automatically because of the action of the magnetic force, sealing completely so that the gas, the parasites and the water that overflows in the pipeline can not rise.

  • Product Name: 11 cm stainless steel deodorant floor siphon
  • Product material: Stainless steel 304
  • Surface treatment: Trolling
  • field of application: bathroom
  • product size: as shown above
  • Product specifications: single-use style / dual-use style
  • Craft surface: exquisite drawing crafts
  • Installation pipeline: Connect to the pipeline 110
  • Weight of the product: about 213 g
  • Main material: high quality stainless steel
  • The principle of deodorizing: self-proclaimed deodorization
  • 【Reminder】 Due to the different tools and standards of measurement, the data provided in the figure are slightly inaccurate and individually only. Please refer to the real product for detailed dimensions.
  • Quantity delivered: 1 * PCS
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