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Stuart Turner Wasteflo WC3 Macerator - 46576

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The Wasteflo WC3 Macerator is a great product to choose if you're looking to transform any area into a cloakroom, complete bathroom or ensuite in your home. The slim design allows it to be fitted nicely behind a WC whilst still allowing room for the cistern to be fitted against the wall, wihtout the need to use battens to make it fit. The smart watertight cassette unit allows for easy removal, maintenance and cleaning of the macerator's working parts. All of this can be done without having to remove the whole toilet, cistern or pipework.

If you're aim is to create an additional bathroom in your home, then this Wasteflo WC3 macerator would be the perfect choice for you. The job of a macerator is to take the waste from your toilet to the main sewage pipe. This makes it even easier to install a toilet in any room of the house, maybe in the loft conversion or basement. This Macerator is manufactured to the highest of standards as it is by Stuart Turner, however, if you do find any factory defects, you're covered by a 2-year manufacturing guarantee.    

Removable Cassette System

  • Wasteflo products are designed with a removable cassette system
  • Which allows for clean and easy access without having to remove any pipe work or the appliance when servicing or maintaining the unit.
Stuart Turner Wasteflo Removable Cassette System

 Super-Slim Design

  • The unique offset design of the WC connector allows the Wasteflo to fit easily behind the toilet pan without pushing the cistern away from the wall.
  • Traditional designs often require an unattractive wooden batten to hold the toilet cistern in place.
Wasteflo Super-Slim Design

 Inverted 4 Cutter Helical Blade

  • The Industrial 4 Blade Inverted Cutter is an innovation, designed specifically to overcome the jamming problems of traditional 2 blade systems.  
  • It combines four inverted, hardened steel, cutting blades with a powerful vortex pump. 
  • This design dramatically reduces the chances of blockage and jamming caused by foreign objects in the toilet.
Stuart Turner Wasteflo Helical Blade

 Adjustable WC Pan Connector

  • Standard rigid pan connectors require the height of the toilet waste outlet to be 186mm high in accordance with British Standard BS EN 33:2011. 
  • This is great in theory but with an increasing number of toilets coming from European manufacturers or imported from Turkey, Egypt and the Far East
  • Many toilets will not have the waste at this exact height. 
  • The unique Wasteflo adjustable pan connector will fit any height of waste outlet from as low as 164mm all the way up to 196mm 
Stuart Turner Wasteflo Adjustable WC Pan Connector

 Standard Plumbing Connections

  • Wasteflo macerators use standard nut and cone waste fittings, instead of the cheaper metal jubilee clips used on other brands. 
  • Metal jubilee clips are difficult to clean and prone to corrosion, making them unhygenic.
  • Pipes can also be accidentally dislodged from Jubilee Clip fittings resulting in leakage of foul waste water. 
  • The Nut and Cone waste fittings used on Wasteflo macerators result in easier to clean, more secure and more attractive connections.
Stuart Turner Wasteflo Standard Plumbing Connections

 Non-Return Valves On Horizontal Inlets

  • Non-return valves are built into the horizontal inlets removing the additional installation time and cost of fitting a separate trap
Stuart Turner Wasteflo Non Return Valves on Horizontal Inlet

 32 / 28 / 22mm Outlet With Non-Return Valve

  • Flexible connection options.
Stuart Turner Wasteflo Non-return Valve

 2 Year Guarantee

  • Quality is everything and Stuart Turner have you covered for a full 2 years without making you jump through hoops to register the product!  
  • All Wasteflo macerators also benefit from the Stuart Turner Pump Assist helpline and service back up
Stuart Turner Wasteflo 2 Year Guarantee

 Quiet Operation

  • Disposing of your waste doesn't need to be loud, especially with noise levels as low as 50dB.
Stuart Turner Wasteflo Sound Level

 Quality Guaranteed

  • To ensure Wasteflo pumps are suitable for use they're BS EN 60335 compliant.
Stuart Turner Wasteflo Accreditations

 CE Marked

  • Wasteflo products are CE marked to show you that they comply with all UK safety standards.
Stuart Turner Wasteflo CE Compliant  

BS EN ISO 9001:2015 Approved

  • Full compliance with quality management systems with BS EN ISO 9001:2015
Stuart Turner Wasteflo Quality Management

Features and benefits:
•  Macerators are a simple way to pump wastewater from a toilet, where there is no access to a sewage pipe.
•  Provides a clean and simple way to remove waste water
•  You can now fit a bathroom, kitchen or utility room, anywhere within your house!
•  Automatically reduce waste to a liquid form and pump it away to a soil pipe
•  Easy installation process
•  Easy maintenance
•  Avoids need for a separate trap
•  WC coupling features innovative inbuilt height adjustment (± 16 mm) to accomodate variations in WC outlet postion
•  Complies with BS EN 12050   Technical Information:
•  IPX4 rating
•  Two side inlets suitable for 32 mm (1¼ ") waste pipe to connect to a basin or shower (40 mm (1½ ") inlet adaptor included)
•  Outlet - suitable for 32 mm, 28 mm or 22 mm waste pipe
•  Noise level: 50 dB
•  Maximum head: 5.4metres
•  Vertical pumping distance: up to 5 metres
•  Horizontal Pumping distance: Up to 52 metres
•  Maximum flow: 90 l/min
•  Supplied pre-wired with 1.5 m power cable   Dimensions:
•  Length: 482mm
•  Width: 180mm
•  Width behind pan: 140mm
•  Height (excluding hoses): 278mm   Saniflo Sanipro Up 6006 Alternative   Stuart Turner Wasteflo WC3 Macerator Video

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