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SunSun HBL-302 Hang on Filter 350l/h up to 20l Aquarium

SunSun HBL-302 Hang on Filter 350l/h up to 20l Aquarium

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Nano-Aquariums represent the latest trend in aquatics.
The small cube with a volume of about 15 liters, offers a fascinating, easy-care possibility to become familiar with the calming effect of the aquatics. Beyond that, a Mini Aquarium sets a highlight in any room, no matter whether in a living room, bedroom or even in your kitchen.

The cube-shaped aquarium is ideal for the maintenance of microorganisms just like dwarf shrimps, shrimps, crabs and snails or to cultivate fascinating underwater landscapes.

Aquarium pump & aquarium filter:
The filter placed in the corner disposes of an integrated aquarium pump, thus combining aquarium filter and aquarium pump.

The aquarium filter is well-suited for the use in nano-aquariums or aquariums with a volume of water up to 40 litres. Due to its practical design of the filter, it can be placed efficiently in any aquarium.

The suction ports are deliberately small-sized in order to prevent the ingress of young animals, shrimps or crabs into the filter. The filter´s outlet is rotable by 90°.

The water is filtered by a filter sponge that offers a large area for the accumulation of beneficial bacteria

Filter sponges:
Filter sponges prevent the penetration of suspended particles into the aquarium´s pump body. By using filter sponges, the content of nitrate in the aquarium is reduced, at the same time, the water is purified of chemical contaminants.

When purchasing a new aquarium filter or after a thorough cleaning there has to be another enrichment of the beneficial bacteria.
For this purpose there are special cultures of bacteria that are placed into the aquarium filter thus facilitating the start.

The integrated aquarium pump, the flow rate of which is adjusted steplessly by a slider, offers a delivery capacity of 250 litres per hour with a power consumption of merely 3 watts.

The cleaning of the aquarium just takes a couple of minutes. The filter unit can be removed, purified and remounted by a quick means.
The nozzle or perforated tube respectively disposes of an integrated cleaning slider by the means of which the impurities can be easily removed without retaining the filter from the aquarium.

Aquarium Lighting:
The SunSun AD-200 (WilTec-Art. 51037) is an attachable LED light especially designed for nano-Aquariums. This aquarium lighting is equipped with 39 individual LEDs, (18 white/ 9 blue / 6 red / 6 green ones), with a power consumption of merely 6 watts.

The high performance-LEDs provide for an even, blue night and dusk light respectively in your Aquarium, which especially promotes the natural behaviour of shrimps and small crabs and beyond that offers some quite interesting observations. By a modern touch-button on the top of the aquarium lighting, you can switch between white / super-white and moon light (blue).

For cleaning and daily feeding, you can easily fold up the aquarium lighting, thus making any time-consuming dismantling unnecessary.

There is a time display as well as a timer integrated into the controller. By a timer you can set the time for the light to switch on and off in your nano aquarium. The water´s temperature is directly read by the display of the lighting. The AD-200 disposes of a temperature sensor which ofers the exact reading of the current temperature up to 0,5°C.
SunSun HBL-302 Hang on Filter 350l/h up to 20l Aquarium

RegistrierungsnummerWEEE DE45283704
Anzahl Packstücke1
Dimensionsfor aquarium glass up to 12mm
Input voltage230V ~ 50Hz
Power 3 W
cable length1.5 m
Volume / Capacity0.3l
Filter DetailsActivated carbon, Filter fleece
Aquarium Size20Liter
max. Delivery rate350 l/h
net Weight [kg]0.3150
Package: Height in mm135
Package: Length in mm155
Package: Width in mm90
Availability Immediate dispatch,
available within 3-5 business days*


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