Toaster Bosch Comfortline TAT7203 Stainless Steel

Toaster Bosch Comfortline TAT7203 Stainless Steel
Toaster Bosch Comfortline TAT7203 Stainless Steel
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Product details
  • Length
    29.2 cm
  • Width
    18.4 cm
  • Height
    15.5 cm
  • Weight
    2 kg
  • Power
    1050 W
  • Material
  • Colour
  • Noise emission class
  • Cooking appliance features
  • Number of slots
    2 slots
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Please note that delivery times due to high traffic may be delayed. Note: coffee machine is with EU plug-in and UK plug-in adapter included. Everything should be perfect in the morning: comfort, design and toast included.- Integrated warming rack that can be folded away- Defrost and warm-up setting: defreeze your toast and make it crunchy- Even roasting with automatic bread centering- Safety switch-off if your toast becomes stuckFOR PERFECT BREAKFASTIf you're planning on a relaxing, leisurely breakfast, everything rests on crusty bread rolls and warm croissants. Luckily, with the integrated warming rack, your rolls are guaranteed to be warmed to perfection!FOR A WEEKEND FEELING DURING THE WEEKMost people treat themselves to some nice breakfast during the weekend. But what would it be like if you could experience the weekend for a moment during the week too? The defrost and warm-up setting doesn't just thaw your bread, it also crisps it up—as if it came fresh from the bakery!THE PERFECT TOAST IS WAITING FOR YOUYou may have this picture in your head—a picture of an absolutely evenly toasted slice of golden brown bread. Then you toast yours and get disappointed. With the help of automatic centering, this toaster is bound to give you exactly what you want. ENJOY DELICIOUS BREAKFAST WITH CLOSE TO NO EFFORT When you're rushing around the house to get ready for work in the morning, you probably want everything to go as smoothly as possible. Bosch are ready to help you out: thanks to the automatic switch-off function, this toaster shuts off automatically if a slice of bread becomes stuck. All you have to do is decide what you're going to put on your breakfast toast!
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22 October 2023
Purchase date: 24/09/2023
The problem I have with this toaster is that it barely toasts the outside of the bread brown while the inside of the bread toasts black. I have tried turning the setting button up and down but I cannot get the bread to toast a light brown on both sides. Will have to return if I can’t get a proper piece of toast.
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In 1886, Robert Bosch, a 25-year-old German engineer, founded an electrical engineering company in Stuttgart. He was returning from a long professional trip to the United States that had led him to work for Thomas Edison, one of the greatest engineers in history. Bosch improved the ignition magnet the following year, to be the first to adapt it to a car engine. This innovation allowed him to develop his business at a steady pace. In the 1920s, he converted his company from automotive supplier to electronics manufacturer. The company has been able to distinguish itself from other brands of DIY power tools by aiming for long-term and high-end, from its famous green drill to complex products such as rippers or garden tools (sculpts -hays, chainsaws ...). This was the success we know. Bosch currently employs 280,000 people worldwide and generates 46 billion euros in sales. Bosch spends up to 10% of its turnover on R & D, a rare effort in the industry. 92% of the capital of Robert Bosch GmbH is held by a charitable foundation Robert Bosch Stiftung GmbH. Thus the profits of the company are donated to this foundation. The remaining 8% of capital is held by the descendants of Robert Bosch's family.
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