TROTEC 2-in-1 cordless pedicle vacuum cleaner VC 150 E

TROTEC 2-in-1 cordless pedicle vacuum cleaner VC 150 E
TROTEC 2-in-1 cordless pedicle vacuum cleaner VC 150 E
TROTEC 2-in-1 cordless pedicle vacuum cleaner VC 150 E
TROTEC 2-in-1 cordless pedicle vacuum cleaner VC 150 E
TROTEC 2-in-1 cordless pedicle vacuum cleaner VC 150 E
TROTEC 2-in-1 cordless pedicle vacuum cleaner VC 150 E
TROTEC 2-in-1 cordless pedicle vacuum cleaner VC 150 E
TROTEC 2-in-1 cordless pedicle vacuum cleaner VC 150 E
TROTEC 2-in-1 cordless pedicle vacuum cleaner VC 150 E
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  • Warranty 2 years
  • Free return within 30 days
Product details
  • Length
    24 cm
  • Width
    69 cm
  • Height
    2.5 cm
  • Weight
    1.5 kg
  • Power
    150 W
  • Material
  • Colour
  • Shape
  • Warranty
    2 years
  • Tank/collection capacity
    0.65 l
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Strong performance for powerful suction results
No household should be without an electrical appliance: the hoover! This practical helper is always on hand when it comes to the daily cleaning of surfaces or the intensive cleaning of deep-seated dirt in carpets. In contrast to wired appliances, a battery-powered vacuum cleaner is quicker to hand and ready for immediate use anywhere. The Trotec VC 150 E cordless vacuum cleaner with handle even offers another advantage: depending on the intended use, it can be converted from a hoover with handle to a small hand-held hoover in no time at all.
Battery-powered hand vacuum cleaners are predestined to clean tables, chairs, car seats, upholstered furniture, keyboards or work surfaces in the kitchen - ideal for pollen, lint, dust, crumbs, animal hair or the remains of sugar cups that have accidentally fallen over. To clean the room, simply connect the hand vacuum cleaner to the suction tube made of matt aluminium included in the set and you have the right tool in a back-friendly size of 111 cm. With the handle extension you can easily vacuum under furniture or in hard-to-reach places such as the ceiling - because even that is child's play with the 2.6 kg lightweight.
No matter whether it is a hand or pedestrian hoover - thanks to the wireless operation and the low weight you always enjoy full freedom of movement, maximum flexibility and maximum manoeuvrability at work. The powerful vacuum cleaner can be used on dry surfaces in the household or in the car as well as on hard floors, tiles and for deep cleaning on all types of carpets. The floor nozzle of the VC 150 E is equipped with an electric turbo-brush roller, which penetrates through an elastic joint at a suction angle of up to 130° into any angle. The suction intensity can be regulated in 2 power levels for cleaning as required.
Li-Ion battery power for 40 minutes constant suction
When fully charged, the powerful 25.2 V lithium-ion battery (2 Ah) ensures a constantly high suction power for over 40 minutes in continuous operation. With the 2-stage battery capacity indicator you always have an eye on the charge level. Thanks to the high-quality Li-Ion battery technology, neither memory effects nor self-discharge occur. The floor nozzle is equipped with four LED lamps in the front area, with which dark areas under the sofa or under cupboards can be perfectly illuminated. The scope of delivery includes a hand-held hoover, a power supply unit, one upholstery, furniture and crevice nozzle each, an electric floor nozzle, an aluminium extension tube and an installation station. Thanks to its space-saving design, the VC 150 E can be conveniently stored anywhere.
Cyclone technology - sucks like a whirlwind
The bagless Trotec battery-powered pedicle vacuum cleaner VC 150 E is equipped with powerful cyclone technology. The principle behind it is almost self-explanatory, as a "cyclone" is another word for "hurricane" in meteorology. And the cyclone technology also works like a small hurricane: air is sucked into a cone via a cylinder, the dust it contains is pressed outwards by centrifugal forces, the heavy dust and dirt particles are slowed down and fall into the dust collection container. The cleaned air is sucked out and returned to the outside air. Fine dusts and micro-organisms are then collected in a special filter - the HEPA filter.
With highly effective HEPA filter
The English abbreviation HEPA-Filter stands for High-Efficiency Particulate Air-Filter, which means "highly effective particle separation filter". The VC 150 E hoover has a high-performance, 5-layer HEPA filter system that reliably separates 99 percent of all suspended particles, fine dust particles, bacteria, pollen, animal hair and allergens from the air that is sucked in and does not release them back into the room air. This is a performance plus that is particularly pleasing for allergy sufferers. For cleaning, the filter can be quickly and easily freed from dirt residues when dry.
Bagless, hygienic and easy to empty
The innovative cyclone filter technology ensures that the vacuum cleaner operates without dust bags. And because you no longer need expensive dust bags, you save money over the long life of the appliance. The large dust collector with a capacity of 650 ml dry dirt can be emptied quickly and easily: Hold the receptacle over a waste bin with the opening downwards, press the release button and the bottom flap opens automatically. You neither come into contact with the dirt nor do you have to reach into the dirt with your hand. The transparent plastic container can easily be rinsed out with clear water. As the HEPA filter should not come into contact with water, you can easily remove it before wet cleaning the collection container.
Practical hand hoover and manoeuvrable upright vacuum cleaner
Everyone knows this: the morning after the party, crumbs of biscuits and salty snacks are found next to pieces of confetti on all seating furniture and surfaces. Instead of painstakingly collecting them with a hand brush, simply vacuum them off with the hand tool and it quickly looks as if nothing has happened. Or finally get those hard-to-reach areas in the car clean again? No problem with the agile and nimble handheld vacuum cleaner. Thoroughly clean your home without having to push the seat set back and forth or move heavy furniture - with the vacuum cleaner you can easily reach even the furthest corner. The electric turbo nozzle reliably ensures cleanliness on carpets, parquet and tiles. And with the bright LEDs on the floor nozzle, the darkest corners can be conveniently illuminated for excellent suction results without leaving any dirt behind. Thanks to the flexible floor nozzle joint, you can also, for example, run the suction pipe very flat under the sofa and clean it thoroughly again.
Simple complete cleaning thanks to special nozzles
The special nozzles for joints, corners, upholstery and furniture, which are included in the scope of delivery, do valuable work for those who not only want to remove superficial dirt when cleaning, but also want to fight the dirt in secret.
Including crevice nozzle and upholstery/furniture nozzle
With the long and durable crevice nozzle, it is easy to reach and clean narrow places, angles and gaps - e.g. joints of all kinds, the corners around car seats, gaps between sofa upholstery and in armchairs, angles in window niches and fixed furniture and much more. The soft bristles of the upholstery and furniture nozzle enable quick and above all gentle dust removal from cupboards, shelves, door frames or the ceiling. And the sensitive interior is also safely protected during car interior cleaning.
Space-saving stand holder
When the hoover is not in use, simply place it upright in the space-saving stand. The two attachment nozzles can also be neatly attached here so that you have everything ready to hand for the next use.
Advantages for the practice:
  • Multifunctional use as a battery-operated upright hoover or battery-operated hand hoover
  • 25.2 V lithium-ion battery (2 Ah) - without memory effect, without self-discharge
  • Strong suction power on all dry surfaces in two suction power levels
  • Efficient filter system with cyclone technology
  • High-performance filter (HEPA) catches 99 % of all fine particles
  • Large dust container with a capacity of 650 ml dry dirt
  • Quick and easy emptying of the dust container
  • Washable dust collector
  • High dust retention capacity
  • Electric floor nozzle with LED front light for illumination of dark areas
  • Up to 40 minutes constant high suction power
  • Flexible and agile in handling
  • Operating control lamp, battery capacity indicator and suction power indicator
  • Compact design for space-saving storage
  • Available in white (VC 150 E) and anthracite (VC 155 E)
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19 September 2021
Purchase date: 10/09/2021
Great in optics, price / performance and assembly. Turbo shipping, the article was already there the next day. I'm excited. Thanks very much
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