Vax Power 3 Pet U88-P3 Vacuum Belt

Vax Power 3 Pet U88-P3 Vacuum Belt
Vax Power 3 Pet U88-P3 Vacuum Belt
Vax Power 3 Pet U88-P3 Vacuum Belt
Vax Power 3 Pet U88-P3 Vacuum Belt
Vax Power 3 Pet U88-P3 Vacuum Belt
Vax Power 3 Pet U88-P3 Vacuum Belt
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    Dirt devil
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This two pack of belts are designed to fit selected Vax models. Learn more about vacuum belts below:

What does the vacuum belt do?
The vacuum belt is a key component of an upright vacuum cleaner. Its primary function is to turn the agitator brush bar, which is used to beat dirt and dust out of the carpets. Vacuum belts are made of rubber and they are stretched between the motor pulley, which powers the belt, and the brush bar/agitator.

Is a faulty belt causing the problem?
The following faults typically indicate a problem with the vacuum belt:

o The vacuum is on but it doesn't seem to pick up
o The vacuum has the smell of burnt rubber
o The vacuum cleaner has become harder to push
o The brush roll/agitator has stopped spinning
*Remember that a snapped or loose vacuum belt is the most likely cause, but this may not be the only fault that can cause these issues to arise.

When should you replace a vacuum belt?
Vacuum belts need to be replaced as soon as they become damaged. They are designed to snap if the brush roll becomes blocked in order to protect the motor. To ensure that your vacuum cleaner maintains effective performance it is usually suggested that you replace the belt around every 4 - 6 months as they can easily become stretched. It is also recommended that you keep a spare vacuum belt in the cupboard, so you are prepared.

You can check for signs of a damaged belt by turning on the vacuum cleaner and laying it on its side. Simply look underneath the vacuum cleaner to identify if the brush bar is spinning. If the brush bar doesn't move then the belt needs to be replaced. Also when you remove a suspected worn belt it may have become mis-shaped or have visible signs of wear such as burn marks.

What causes vacuum belts to fail?
A key cause of vacuum belt failur

Compatible with the following models:

  • Argos

    • Proaction VC9000
  • Dirt Devil

    • 6000
    • 7000
  • Vax

    • Power 3 Pet U88-P3
    • U88-P3-B
    • U88-P3-P
    • U88-P8-T
    • U90-P5-P
    • U90-P6-B
    • U90-P6-C
    • U90-P6-O
    • U90-P6-P
    • V-006
    • V-006B
    • V-006H
    • V-006L
    • V-006N
    • V-006P
    • V-006S
    • V-006U
    • V-006X
    • V-041
    • V-041S
    • VS-10
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12 November 2018
Purchase date: 25/10/2018
just what i wanted and a spare too
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