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Vent-Axia Luminair L Inline Fan and Light Fan Kit - 453410

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The revolutionary Vent-Axia LuminAir Safety Extra Low Voltage fan and light in a single ceiling mounted fitting. The IPX7 unit is installed directly over a shower in complete safety. Vent-Axia LuminAir extracts moisture and humidity at source, preventing damaging condensation from spreading. At the same time it bathes the shower enclosure in a rich soft light - bringing any dark shower to life.

Ideal for all types of bathroom and shower applications, and is particularly suitable for bedsit and en-suite shower installations. Designed for mounting in a wide variety of ceiling thickness's. The safety isolating transformer to BS EN 60742 is mounted in a purpose made enclosure that can be wall mounted or sited in the loft, and is designed to accept mini trunking (LuminAir L transformer - IP20 - loft mounted).LuminAir has a 20 Watt 40 spread, preformed Diachronic Multi-Mirror lamp, to give a pool of soft warm light. The lamp has a long life and is simple to change. Separate lighting transformer also supplied.Provides simultaneous fan and light operation from the bathroom light switch.