Voltage/Live AC Detector Tester Pen & Torch Non Contact Detect Cable Wire Mains

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  • Voltage
    240 V
  • Material
  • NF certification
  • ManoMano Reference
  • MMID
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Non-Contact Voltage Pen with Flashlight



Uses – Mainly used to detect voltage from 240V mains sources, the voltage detector is suitable for identifying live electrical conductors, finding a break in a wire and detecting the presence of AC voltage at outlets, switches, circuit breakers, fuses and in any wires or cables. This is an essential tool for any electrician or tradesperson.



Safety – The unit enables contact-free operation and its non-conductive casing ensures that the user is at minimal risk of danger from live electrical sources.



Bright LED indicator & Audible warning tone – Flashing red LED signals & a loud beep when held within 1cm of a live source of voltage.



Built-in flashlight – Very useful when working in enclosed, light-limited spaces such as in lofts, within walls, behind panels or inside electrical equipment. This features a green light when the unit is powered which can be switched to a LED torch to illuminate test areas in a darker environment.


To switch to the LED torch, press the unit on so the tip is green, then simply press the on button again, this will then switch the flash light on.


Rugged and compact – Device is pen-sized with a handy clip, meaning you can easily carry it with you. It is robust and will stand up to the harsh treatment of everyday use.



Technical Specification



Dimensions: 155mm x 22mm x 15mm
Direct Voltage Range: 90 Volts - 1000 Volts AC
Battery Powered (2x AAA batteries required)

Auto on / off function: This unit automatically switches off when idle for more than 5 minutes. To switch off manually, press and hold the power button until 2 beeps are heard, this will switch the unit off.



Note on usage - This unit is not suitable for detecting live wires behind walls or panels or if they are within conduit or metallic enclosures or are an armoured cable. Its detection range is from 90V – 1000V AC therefore it is not suitable for lower voltage applications such as circuit boards or smaller electrical items. ThatCable supply a digital multimeter suitable for these applications.


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