REF GDI6-Heavyload-GRME15347447

Waldeck Heavyload Wheelbarrow 120l 320kg Garden Cart 2-Wheel Steel Green

Product out of stock
Product out of stock
Product details
  • Type of tray
  • Capacity
    120 liters
  • Attributes
    Inflatable wheels

With the Heavyload wheelbarrow from Waldbeck, the transport of heavy loads is made easy, whether in the yard, garden, stables or on a building site. The sturdy frame of powder-coated steel tube is not only stable, but also lightweight, meaning you don't need to struggle with heavy work devices. The fully galvanized sheet steel tub holds a good 120 litres of loose bulk material, such as sand, compost or gravel. The wheelbarrow may be loaded with up to 320 kg total, without any fear of bending the frame, tub or axle. This allows you to move cement bags or large planters easily.To prevent sideways tipping even with heavy or irregular loads, the Waldbeck Heavyload wheelbarrow has a wheeled axle instead of a single front wheel like normal wheelbarrows. No need to fear losing control of your cargo, even when transporting heavy loads. The wheelbarrow is driven via 4.00 air tire with auto valve for quick and easy filling at the petrol station or via compressor. A high profile gives the tires a good grip, even on muddy ground. For a secure hold for the driver's hands, the wheelbarrow features rubber handles. The handles are equally suited for small and large hands as well as gloved hands, and are profiled so as to prevent slipping.Available colours: green, blue (item 10030488)Please note that the wheelbarrow is delivered as an assembly kit. The structure is simple, and may be assembled in about 20 minutes depending on technical skill.

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