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Wireless Network CCTV with 2 x 20 metre Night Vision External Cameras [002-1860]

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Impressive Wireless CCTV System which includes a Colour Monitor (for viewing live or recorded video) with Full Recording functions which can be Remotely Viewed using a Smart Phone or Tablet via a Free APP, this kit is supplied with 2Wireless External Cameras with 300 metre Transmission range & impressive 20 metre Night Vision.

The system has an impressive 300 metre (line of sight) range between the Cameras & Monitor, you can use up to 4 x Wireless Camera's (3 types available) with each system, the Monitor would be connected to your Internet Router via a LAN Cable (supplied) to enable the Remote Viewing.

The system is very Easy & Quick to Install !!

The Monitor is packed full of features including:

  • Remote Viewing (via a Free APP using Smart Phone or Tablet).
  • It can record onto two Memory Devices:
    • SD Card Supplied (up to 32 GB).
    • External Hard Drive (up to an amazing 1TB via an USB Port).
  • Remote Recording (via APP control).
  • Push Notification to your Mobile Phone (if the camera detects movement).
  • Clear & Secure Digital Wireless Signal to a 7 inch Monitor.
  • Monitor Battery Back Up (for approximately 30 - 40 minutes).
  • 300 metre Wireless Range (line of sight) to a 7 inch Monitor.
  • Three ranges of CCTV Camera's:
    • External Weatherproof with 5 metre Night Vision.
    • External Weatherproof with 20 metre Night Vision.
    • Internal.
  • You can add up to 4 x Camera's onto each System.
  • You can mix & match types of Camera's (between the three).
  • 9 Language Options (English, German, French, Dutch, Portuguese, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Chinese).
  • Single or Quad Viewing.
  • 3 methods of Recording:
    • Manual.
    • Scheduled Timer.
    • Movement.
  • Adjustable settings on Camera PIR (to get most suitable recording for your environment). 
  • Built in optional Alarm on Monitor (allows you to monitor for intruders on chosen channels).
  • You could connect a TV or larger Monitor to the Screen if required.

The External Wireless Cameras supplied have the following features:

  • Powered by a Plug in Transformer (the length of cable back to the camera can easily be lengthened due to the fact it is low voltage).
  • 30 - 40 metre Colour Day Vision.
  • 20 metre Black & White Night Vision.
  • Screw on Aerial (allowing you to add a booster aerial).
  • Built in Microphone (allows you to listen into the location of the camera from the safety of the monitor).
  • Built in PIR (allows the camera to notify you via the monitor to the presence of a visitor and to start recording features).
  • IP67 For Full Outdoor Use.

A further 2 x Cameras can be added to this CCTV System with 3 types available to choose from:

  • External 5 metre Night Vision Camera, part number 002-1600.
  • External 20 metre Night Vision Camera, part number 002-1610.
  • Internal Camera, part number 002-1620.

The range between the Cameras & Monitor is 300 metres (line of sight) which can be increased by replacing the standard Aerial for a Booster Aerial on any Camera. You can also add cable extensions (2 metre & 5 metre) between the Booster Aerials & Cameras (which helps to avoid obstructions).

Basic Installation Procedure ?

  1. Power up the Monitor (using the 3-pin plug in transformer supplied).
  2. Power up your Camera's (between one & four) near to the Monitor (using the 3-pin plug in transformer supplied).
  3. Learn the Camera's into the Monitor following a simple procedure (this is normally done for you by our engineers before despatch).
  4. Once the Camera is learned into the Monitor, remove the power from the Camera & Monitor, install the Camera or Camera's into the chosen location, not forgetting that each Camera needs to be powered by the plug in Transformer (supplied). We would recommend testing the Camera's in each chosen location before full installation.
  5. Install the SD Card (or plug in a hard drive) into the Monitor.
  6. Power up the Monitor (using the 3-pin plug in transformer supplied).
  7. Read the manual to learn the very simple operation of the manual.
  8. View the Camera's on the Monitor.
  9. Carry out setting up any Recording or Alarm operations.  

Setting Up Basic Remote Viewing:

  1. Connect the Monitor to your Internet Router (using Lan Cable supplied), you can use a longer Lan cable if required for any installation.
  2. Simple check in the Monitor settings for successful connection.
  3. Add your own chosen Password in settings on the Monitor.
  4. Download Free APP:
    1. IOS (search for GoCam4CH).
    2. Android (GoStreaming).
  5. Using APP (add new camera).
  6. Learn system into APP using a QR Code or input Serial Number (found in network information in the monitor).
  7. Add Password (your password you have entered into the monitor) onto APP.
  8. Turn Monitor OFF for a few seconds, then Power Back UP.
  9. You should be able to access the Camera's via the APP.

Recording & Push Notification can be set up via the APP & Monitor (see manual supplied). 

A very good Wireless CCTV System which can be used to Monitor and protect your Home or Business, unique recording options being able to connect very large separate Hard Drives. 

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