8 x Apartment 3G GSM Audio Intercom with Electric Door Lock & Safety Locking feature - No SIM Card Thank You [006-3000]

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8 x Apartment 3G GSM Audio Intercom with Electric Door Lock & Safety Locking feature - No SIM Card Thank You [006-3000]


8 x Apartment 3G GSM Audio Intercom supplied with a quality Electronic Door Lock (with a built in safety locking feature), allows visitors to contact up to 8 Families who can then communicate with the visitors by Phone together with being able to release the Door Lock.

A very affordable Intercom to be shared between the 8 x properties.

This kit is supplied with:

  • 1 x 8-way GSM Intercom.
  • 1 x Electronic Door Lock.
  • 1 x 12v 2 amp 3-pin Power Supply.

The quality Electronic Door Lock has the following features:

  • Internal Manual Release Knob.
  • External Key Release (3 x keys supplied).
  • Designed to be fitted into the Door Frame (easier to install).
  • Magnetic Door Closed Safety feature (lock will not engage until the door is closed).
  • Adjustable Lock duration times (1 - 8 seconds).
  • Flush Fitting with a Stainless Steel Cover.
  • Works on 12v or 24v DC (12v Transformer supplied).

The GSM Intercom operates using Mobile Phone technology (SIM Card) therefore a mobile phone signal is required at the location of the Intercom, the Intercom uses a standard size SIM Card (not supplied), but a Roaming SIM Card can be added in the shopping cart.

Packed full of features including:

  • Communicates with up to 8 x Properties.
  • Each Family can program up to 3 x Telephone Numbers into the system (landline or mobile).
  • Clear Two-Way Communication.
  • Sturdy Anti-Vandal Design (die cast aluminum).
  • Can be Surface or Flush Mounted.
  • It has 2 x sets of N/O & N/C Output Relays (to operate the doors lock).
  • Adjustable Relay Duration (1 - 9999 seconds).
  • The Relays can be activated by a Family Member after communication with a Visitor.
  • Authorised Numbers can activate Output Relays by Telephone Call or SMS.
  • Supplied with a GSM Aerial with 3 metres of Cable (to help with network signals).
  • Mobile Phone Signal Strength Test Available.
  • Speaker & Microphone Volume Control.
  • Adjustable time delay between the system calling the 1st, 2nd or 3rd Family Member.
  • Listen in Function available.
  • Optional Gate or Door Monitor (sms if triggered).
  • 12 - 24v Power Supply: 3-pin Transformer Supplied (you can use outputs from the Door circuits).
  • Option 12 - 24v DC Output (max 500 m/A).
  • Easy & Quick to Install.
  • Name Labels (can be written on by owner).
  • SIM Card Operated (not supplied as standard, due to various networks available).
  • Fully Weatherproof.
  • History Log Available.


The Intercom is programmed by using Telephone Calls or SMS (text message) !!

Operating the System:

  • Visitor Arrives & Presses the Relevant Call Button.
  • The Intercom calls the first key-holders programmed number (if it is not answered it will call the 2nd & 3rd programmed number).
  • When a key-holder answers, two way communication is opened up between Family member and Visitor.
  • If the Family member wants to operate the Door Lock, they press 1 or 4 on their Telephone Keypad (this triggers output relay 1 or 2, which would be connected to the Door Lock)
  • Finish Call.

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  • SKU 006-3000