UltraCom 100 metre Wireless Video Intercom with Electronic Door Latch (fail safe) [006-1780]

Reference: ME19522782

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UltraCom 100 metre Wireless Video Intercom with Electronic Door Latch (fail safe) [006-1780]


UltraCom 100 metre Wireless Video Intercom supplied with an Electronic Door Latch (fail safe model), allows you to View, Communicate with your visitor together with being able to unlock a Door using the Internal Handset.

The simple Electronic Door Latch (fail safe model) allows you to automate your locking mechanism whilst in most cases keeping the original lock & keys.

The latch is fitted into your door frame working alongside the original lock, this results in you being able to:

  • Use your original lock as normal (with keys and revolving door knobs).
  • As an Electric Lock (operated from the Internal Handset).

This Locking Latch needs to be permanently powered by 12v DC (supplied), when a switch is activated the loss of power will release the lock (it also means it will unlock in a power cut, ideal for customers needing this for safety reasons).

We can supply the same system with a lock that remains locked during a power cut (006-1790).

The Wireless Intercom is packed full of useful features, please see the list below:

  • View the Visitor (colour screen).
  • 2-way Audio Communication.
  • 100 metre Line of Sight Operating Range, ideal for installing onto the front of a domestic house or small office (we recommend choosing one of the two modules with an external aerial for gate installations, thick walls or large homes).
  • Adjustable Camera Angle (allows you to mount the caller station into the best position during installation whilst still being able to view the caller).
  • Ability to engage in Video & Audio Communication without caller pressing the Call Button.
  • Clear & Private Digital Communication.
  • Optional Zoom in feature on Camera.
  • Portable Internal Handset (supplied with charging cradle).
  • Fully Adjustable Volume Control, Brightness & Contrast on the Handset.
  • Adjustable Ring Tone, Vibration & Visual Alert on the Handset.
  • Covert Picture taken of caller if the Intercom is not Answered (stored on the inside handset).
  • Adjustable Output Relays (to operate the door lock).
    • A - B = N/C.
    • A - C = N/O.
  • Adjustable Time Duration for the Output Relays which can be set from 2, 5, 10, 20 or 25 seconds (ideal to set the correct opening time for the door and lock).
  • Illuminated Caller Button Option allows you to clearly see Caller (ON = works when call button is pressed, Auto = works when call button pressed during low light levels, OFF).
  • Illuminated Push Button on the Caller Station.
  • Time & Date Stamped Pictures.
  • Low Battery Warning (handset).
  • Out of Range Warning (handset).
  • Compact sized Caller Unit.
  • 12v AC or DC Powered Caller Station.
  • Battery Back Up (optional 3 x AAA batteries will act as a battery backup, but the output relays will not operate in this condition, not supplied).
  • IP54 Caller Station.
  • Potential of 2 x Caller Stations can be used on One System (ideal for two gated property).
  • Momentary Aux Output Relay: Volt Free N/O.
  • Easy Installation.

How it Works:

Once fitted, you can communicate and see the person at the door, you can then choose to release the lock on the door by pressing a button on the internal portable handset.

  • ManoMano Reference ME19522782
  • SKU 006-1780