Wireless Door Intercom (UltraCom2) Black with Silver Hood & Electronic Door Lock [006-2770]

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Wireless Door Intercom (UltraCom2) Black with Silver Hood & Electronic Door Lock [006-2770]


UltraCom2 600 metre Wireless Door Intercom (no keypad) supplied with:

  • 1 x Black Caller Station.
  • 1 x Silver Hood.
  • 1 x Portable Handset.
  • 1 x Electronic Door Lock.
  • 1 x 12v Dc 2 amp Power Supply.

The system allows you to communicate with visitors at your Door or Entrance together with being able to open the Electric Lock (using the Handset from inside the house).

The quality Electronic Door Lock has the following features:

  • Internal Manual Release Knob.
  • External Key Release (3 x keys supplied).
  • Designed to be fitted into the Door Frame (easier to install).
  • Magnetic Door Closed Safety feature (lock will not engage until the door is closed).
  • Adjustable Lock duration times (1 - 8 seconds).
  • Flush Fitting with a Stainless Steel Cover.
  • Works on 12v or 24v DC (12v Transformer supplied).

The UltraCom2 Wireless Door Intercom (no keypad model), ispacked full of features including:

  • 600 metre Wireless Operating Range (line of sight).
  • Weatherproof (IP54) Caller Station now supplied as standard with an additional Weatherproof Hood (up to two can be used with any system).
  • Portable Handsets (allows communication and operation of the gate or door), multiple Handsets can be used in any system.
  • 12v - 24v DC or Battery Powered (12v Power Transformer Supplied).
  • Electronic Door Lock Release Outputs (volt free N/O & N/C relay).
  • Secure Push to Talk Handset Digital Communication (keeps communication very secure).
  • Optional Aerial Connector (ideal for mounting an additional External Aerial onto the rear of a gate post or wall).
  • The portable Handset will show which Door is Calling (when used in a 2 x caller station installation).
  • Great Price.

Power Supply:

The system is supplied with a 3-pin Plug in Transformer which can be used to power the Intercom & Door Lock.

The Portable Handset is supplied with a charging cradle which is powered by a Plug in Transformer (3 & 2-pin supplied), once charged the Handset can be moved around.

Output Relay

The Caller Station can trigger a momentary N/O or N/C Output which is used to trigger the Electronic Door Lock (if in doubt please contact us for advice).

Caller Station:

The weatherproof Black coloured Caller Station is now supplied as standard with a Outdoor Hood, which provides additional protection from severe weather conditions and protection against moisture creeping in from the walls.

When a visitor presses the Call Button on the Caller Station, the Portable Handset (or handsets) inside the property will chime allowing for the homeowner to answer the call (by a single press of a button) and open up two way communication with the visitor. Once the homeowner has established who the caller is, they can choose to activate the lock.

Internal Handsets:

The Portable Handset is supplied with a charging cradle & plug in charger, once charged they are fully portable, you can operate multiple handsets with any individual system, they have many features including:

  • Chime, Vibration & Flashing Alert.
  • Volume Control.
  • Multiple Handset Use (no limit).
  • Handset to Handset Communication (once in communication a secure network is established).
  • Door or Gate Release Functions.
  • Battery Level Indicator.
  • Front & Rear Gate Indicator (if used with 2 caller stations).
  • Push to Talk Feature (designed for secure communication).
  • Missed Call Indicator.
  • 600 metre Operating Range (line of sight).
  • 3 & 2-pin Charger supplied.


We can offer an additional Aerial which is designed to help Wireless communication, it is not a booster aerial, it is an aerial which allows for a more direct wireless path back to the Handset, the most common use would be to fit the Aerial on the back of a large Gate Post which immediately removes the Gate Post from blocking any Wireless signals.

Option Extras:

The following accessories can be added to the Wireless Intercom System, including:

  • External Aerial (very popular with being fitted onto the rear of a gatepost or pillar to optimize the wireless operating range).
  • Additional Portable Handsets.
  • One additional Caller Station (with or without keypad).
  • Relays.
  • External Aerial Extension Cables.

A very popular Wireless Intercom for many types of applications including Automatic Gates & Locked Doors or simply Communication at a very Competitive Price !!

  • ManoMano Reference ME19522863
  • SKU 006-2770