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« Founded in 2008, FUXTEC is a German company based near Stuttgart, Germany. We develop, produce and sell products related to the world of gardening, garden tools and folded waggons. We are both manufacturer and distributor so that our devices can be delivered directly to you at very advantageous prices, without expensive intermediate trade. We focus on the quality of the products, not on expensive advertising campaigns on TV or via leaflets. We are well aware that a dedicated, passionate gardener is only happy on his or her ground. To maintain it correctly, he needs the right tools. FUXTEC garden tools enable you to achieve perfect results and make you happy. Due to our experience as a manufacturer, the know-how for the products we offer is exceptionally high, which in turn benefits you as a customer. Many people have been relying on us for years. The excellent marks demonstrate this FUXTEC has received in the independent trade press. Our products are well-thought-out, meet strict specifications and are exclusively tailored to your needs. Our top priority is to offer you excellent value for money. Whether lawn mowers, robot mowers, chainsaws, hedge trimmers, brush cutters, leaf blowers or garden care products, you will find all imaginable devices and tools at FUXTEC. In the event of a complaint, have no worries, we guarantee the long-term supply of spare parts for our devices. Last but not least, all user manuals are available online at »

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