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« You can now buy Mellerud, Germany’s Number 1 Cleaning Solutions Provider in the UK from Centurion Europe. We pride ourselves on quick delivery and great customer care. »

Glynn Fox, Marketing Manager

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Profile Image Colin.R31 0 reviews given 0 upvotes
Bought on 22/06/2019 Published on 28/06/2019

Ordered product on 22nd and was promised it would be delivered by the 27th...its now the 28th and still waiting. Not good enough. Read more
Profile Image Nicola.b 1 reviews given 0 upvotes
Bought on 22/02/2019 Published on 06/03/2019

Product arrived 4 days late. This was my only concern. Great product though. Read more
Profile Image Brian e.T 4 reviews given 3 upvotes
Bought on 19/06/2018 Published on 11/07/2018

Happy with seller. Read more
Profile Image Bernie.H 2 reviews given 0 upvotes
Bought on 12/05/2018 Published on 29/05/2018

A good product. Read more
Profile Image wendy-ca2 2 reviews given 1 upvotes
Bought on 30/04/2018 Published on 15/05/2018

Very easy transaction. Read more
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