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« Costway UK is the trading name for FDS Corporation Ltd. Founded in 2014, we are based in Ipswich and serve customers all over the UK. We have branches in the US, Germany. Costway UK is building our reputation of helping consumers achieve their financial targets with satisfactory product quality and best price. In order to guarantee that our customers will get the perfect products, we are always looking for the products with high quality and favorable price and making the whole purchase process easy, safe and convenient. Costway UK is growing to be one of the top retailers in Europe. We always have a higher market sensitivity and devote ourselves to the diversity of the products. We are also capable of assisting our customers to find whatever they want and we commit ourselves to providing our customers with premium quality products and convenient customer service. »

Costway, General Manager

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Profile Image Thomas.O384 3 reviews given 0 upvotes
Bought on 12/11/2020 Published on 27/11/2020

The product and service were spot on Read more
Profile Image Kiran.R8 2 reviews given 0 upvotes
Bought on 12/11/2020 Published on 23/11/2020

Very pleased with seller Read more
Profile Image Richard.C 2 reviews given 0 upvotes
Bought on 12/11/2020 Published on 23/11/2020

No not happy with product it would only work when connected to the electric with a transformer. plus customer service was poor.would not recommend this bell Read more
Profile Image Michelle.N113 1 reviews given 0 upvotes
Bought on 31/10/2020 Published on 17/11/2020

Can not fault anything from ordering to delivery. Even arrived before delivery date. Read more
Profile Image Cara.D10 2 reviews given 0 upvotes
Bought on 08/10/2020 Published on 14/11/2020

Missing parts - Zero communication. Left a negative review on the site and received an email offering part refund - since I agreed (as its better than nothing) - zero communication AGAIN!!!! I JUST WANT THIS SORTING!!! Read more
Profile Image Hilary.F19 1 reviews given 0 upvotes
Bought on 31/10/2020 Published on 11/11/2020

Speedy delivery Read more
Profile Image handymano.112550 1 reviews given 0 upvotes
Bought on 01/11/2020 Published on 10/11/2020

Great service, very quick delivery and great quality product Read more
Profile Image Alexander.K806 1 reviews given 0 upvotes
Bought on 08/10/2020 Published on 09/11/2020

I love the product it's perfect for my gaming needs, however, I cannot reccomended as the product came incomplete. Luckily, I have some tools and knowhow to engineer my way out of the problem. What do I mean by incomplete? Well, all of the parts were present. Except for two small threaded inserts that should have been fitted into the pre-drilled holes on the frame, allowing me to screw the two tie-rods to the back of the desk using the small M6 screws provided. These small 'nut' inserts were present in all the other places they needed to be but unfortunately, just two were missing, leaving two pre-drilled holes that were much to big for an M6 screw. Initially, this spelled disaster for me as it meant I wouldn't be able to fit the two diagonal tie-rods to the back of the desk which would leave it wobbling and swaying side to side. That is until I decided to get my drill and make two 5.5mm holes at the back of the metal frame under the desk top, one next to each of the existing holes (with no inserts in them) and then I was able to screw the tie rods in place and now the desk is just as good and strurdy as intended. Even if someone were to pull out my desk, turn it around and take a look at the back of it, they wouldn't be able to tell that I had to make an alteration. In summary, I was lucky I was able to work around this hiccup but I'm sure that not everyone has the tools that I had on hand so I would urge quality control to try harder to pick up on these things. I love the desk! If this is the only time that this ever happens (and I was the only unlucky one), then I would reccomended because the quality is otherwise very good and delivery service was very fast! Read more
Profile Image Horsley.O 0 reviews given 0 upvotes
Bought on 25/10/2020 Published on 06/11/2020

Still haven’t received my package 4 days after it was due and 7 days after you claim that Hermes have it. I can’t get hold of anyone to speak to about it! Read more
Profile Image Roxanne .B 2 reviews given 0 upvotes
Bought on 07/10/2020 Published on 06/11/2020

Everyone buy buy buy you wont be dissatisfied or disappointed Read more
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