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Profile Image Kevin.M954 1 reviews given 0 upvotes
Bought on 13/05/2020 Published on 02/06/2020

Great. Service from the seller. Item actuall arrived 2 days earlier than was in tended Machine was easy to set up and was working with in no time at all Well packaged and arrive in great condition as you would expect Read more
Profile Image Samantha.B282 0 reviews given 0 upvotes
Bought on 30/04/2020 Published on 02/06/2020

I did not receive my order and no one is helping me. This is absolutely awful service. Read more
Profile Image Charlotte.H196 3 reviews given 0 upvotes
Bought on 14/05/2020 Published on 30/05/2020

Fast delivery - no issues with seller Read more
Profile Image Susan.R29 2 reviews given 0 upvotes
Bought on 17/05/2020 Published on 29/05/2020

Good service. Good quality product Read more
Profile Image Patrick.D2262 1 reviews given 0 upvotes
Bought on 07/05/2020 Published on 29/05/2020

Very happy with product, and delivered on time too!!! Read more
Profile Image Samantha.D146 0 reviews given 0 upvotes
Bought on 23/04/2020 Published on 24/05/2020

I am not happy with the seller as it's been over a month and I've not recieved my package. They 'mistakenly' put the wrong carrier on the website but forgot to change it. They did email me within a couple of days of me querying this though. Read more
Profile Image handymano.38077 2 reviews given 0 upvotes
Bought on 09/05/2020 Published on 23/05/2020

They were prompt and having found a part was missing they have assured me it is on its way of course the BBQ can’t be used till it does which is a shame Read more
Profile Image Sam.B229 1 reviews given 0 upvotes
Bought on 06/05/2020 Published on 22/05/2020

Order not delivered. Constant emails between Yodel and supplier. Yodel lost the package and they don't have any more stock to replace. Lots of time spent chasing Yodel and supplier and still no further forward. Attempting to get money back. Would not suggest purchasing through this platform - much easier/safer to use a reputable retailer. Read more
Profile Image Caroline.H398 1 reviews given 0 upvotes
Bought on 10/05/2020 Published on 22/05/2020

Great service, fantastic communications and fast replies. Arrived well before estimated time. Thank you for great service will be returning for others items for our garden. Thank you. Read more
Profile Image Greg.H36 1 reviews given 0 upvotes
Bought on 12/04/2020 Published on 12/05/2020

customer service and is terrible would be better if you could actually speak to a person Read more
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