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Russell Smith , CEO

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Profile Image William.H217 0 reviews given 0 upvotes
Bought on 21/03/2020 Published on 31/03/2020

Smooth ordering process and quick delivery . Goods arrived well packed and driver was very professional and friendly. Would definitely order from this company in the future. Read more
Profile Image David.O352 1 reviews given 0 upvotes
Bought on 22/02/2020 Published on 24/03/2020

The shiplap panels and overall build quality is very good however this was severely let down by the customer service around several issues that came up. Firstly It was advertised as 10 day for delivery but then when I had the email confirmation of my purchase it said 10 'working days' so an increase already. When I had not heard anything after 11 days (7 working days) I chased it up to confirm it would be arriving by friday (the 10th working day). I got a reply to say that it was provisionally booked for the following tuesday which was 18 days (12 working days) after I placed the order. I would not have mind if they had said sorry in the email but they were just stating the fact. On Monday they called to say it was deffinatly being delivered the following day. I asked what time and they said almost certainly in the afternoon. On Tuesday I recieved a text to say it would arrive between 21:11hrs and 22:11hrs. I work shift work so was a bit annoyed it was so late but it meant I could send my house sitter home and receive it myself in the evening. At 20:09hrs I recieved a further text to say that it would be arriving at 23:23hrs. This very much annoyed me as I had waited up for the delivery and there was no way of replying to the text message. I waited up until 00:23hrs before sending a strongly worded email of complaint. (The whole evening I had been sat in my lounge next to the wireless router with my mobile on wifi calling mode, so I would not have missed any calls. Next day I had an email to say that the driver had run out of hours and tried to contact me but could not get hold of me (which I know is not true). I was told that the driver had tried to call that next day as he was out delivering again. I had a missed call that day from an unknown mobile number, so called it back and arranged with the polite driver that he would just put it round the side of the house and shut the gate behind him. I got home that afternoon and he had put it neatly where I asked. They said that they could not financially compensate me for the situation. When I was putting the base together I found that the floor battons in one of the tree sections were about 4mm bigger than the other two sections, so the base did not sit flush. I emailed the company and they called me to then apologise (my first apology). They said they would look into the options and call me back before the end of the day to let me know what options there were for me. I said I was happy to trim the battons down myself if they discounted the shed. I had no phone call that day. It wasn't until I checked my emails that evening that I found they had not called me but emailed me to say they could either deliver a replacement section or I could cut it down myself and they would refund me £20. (That's right..... after all of that they offered me just £20).compensation and even worded it as "a good will gesture"). I needed to put the shed up urgently as it was already overdue being put up and I had stuff waiting to go in it. I emailed back to say that it I would have to begrudgingly accept the £20. (I had no idea how soon a replacement would be sent and I didn't expect them to send it next day delivery given their track record). They emailed to say they would arrange the money to go back onto my credit card. After a week and a half i had still not recieved it so had to email to chase up the £20 and only then did i get an email to confirm "they had paid my good will gesture of £20 to me. I was shocked by the customer service from start to finish and very disappointed. There was also another issue with the battons on two of the roof sections being nailed on in the wrong place, one piece of timber for the internal structure of the roof to join the bits together missing, the sections of wood that go over the felt not being pre cut to the right size and the screw pack that came with it was not for that shed (not enough of some screws and extra of other screws). I didn't even bother complaining about those issues. I just rectified them myself. Overall a shocking experience. A great shame as the actual end product is as I mentioned at the start of good sturdy lasting quality and without ALL of the issues would have been fantastic value for money. Read more
Profile Image Paul.A351 1 reviews given 0 upvotes
Bought on 25/02/2020 Published on 17/03/2020

Delivered on time but driver damaged 1 panel when unpacking off van which I saw but he did not mention until I told him I repaired myself when i installed Happy with product Read more
Profile Image Catherine.B179 2 reviews given 0 upvotes
Bought on 12/02/2020 Published on 04/03/2020

Yes happy with the service. The delivery driver was amazing Read more
Profile Image Jodie.N 2 reviews given 0 upvotes
Bought on 30/01/2020 Published on 15/02/2020

The product was a day late being shipped but was informed and the felt for the summer house was not fit for purpose and I had to buy a better one but the company was amazing and did refund this. Apart from that the summer house is beautiful and easy to put together and well worth the money Read more
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