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Shower tray feet : make the right choice

Shower tray feet are a vital component when it comes to the installation of a shower tray; especially to give it a final aesthetic touch. Shower tray feet are adaptable to any type of slightly raised tray. This type of installation ideally combines waterproofness and decoration. The adjustable height of the feet is a great advantage which helps insure that the job is well done.

Shower tray feet are normally used in batches of four to maintain a good balance. Shower tray legs must be uniformly distributed on all feet before the final fixing of these to the floor. The adjustment of the feet allows for the correct levelling and to find the right slope that ensures the correct drainage of the water. A wide range of shower tray feet is currently available. The height of the majority of them is adjustable. Furthermore quality, stability and sturdiness are guaranteed when installing your shower tray. Certain types of shower tray feet are able to bear heavy weight, sometimes up to 250 or 300 kg. The heights currently available vary between 90 and 125 mm, and this is often adjustable.