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Showers are meant to receive large quantities of water. It would be a shame if it spilt everywhere! Builders as well as specialists in the field have developed certain techniques to improve the watertightness of shower trays, bath tubs, bidets and of any other feature of your house that is supposed to receive a flow of water.

In order to avoid water leaks and other problems, it is important to comply with certain building norms when it comes to installing your shower tray. You need to use materials that will ensure its waterproofness in the long run. Have a look at the adhesive membrane Isotanche and how efficient and easy to apply it is. It is a double-sided adhesive strip that enjoys an optimal level of impermeability. There are also ready to use kits that you can install that would be nothing short of a professional job! A kit usually includes a pot of glue, an adhesive strip, corners and a watertight coating. If you are specifically working on an under-tile shower tray, you may want to go for a waterproof strip that has a rubber core for extra effectiveness.