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Swimming pool robot : make the right choice

There are many different types of robotic pool cleaner to choose from according to your needs including autonomous, pressure-side, electric, manual, wireless and solar-powered models. These devices offer the best solution for cleaning a pool and are designed for simple and efficient use.

Different types of robotic cleaners and their features:

- Pressure side robotic pool cleaners clean, suck up dirt and move using the hydraulic power from the pool filter. They are autonomous and do not require any human presence. Pressure side robotic cleaners are the most efficient models but do require a booster pump. Thanks to their straightforward design, these devices are reliable and hard-wearing.
- Electric robotic pool cleaners are also autonomous, but use electrical energy to move. This energy is provided by a battery or mains power. Some electric robotic cleaners have a charging station that is installed in the pool in order to recharge when the battery is running low. These devices can be programmed and controlled remotely using their built-in technology.
- Solar-powered robotic cleaners offer a more modern option. As its name suggests, this type of robotic cleaner uses solar power to store energy in a battery. However, it should be noted that solar-powered cleaners will only work on the surface of the pool. Therefore, they won't clean dirt from the walls or bottom of the pool. It is therefore necessary to use these devices alongside another type of robot cleaner.

Criteria to consider before purchasing a robotic pool cleaner:

- The layout and shape of the pool. Some pool robots have difficulties navigating corners. If your pool is a complex shape, it is advisable to opt for a compact and programmable device with different settings.
- Do not forget the staircase and walls; the robot cleaner must be able to climb up them.
- It is important to check that tracks or wheels are non-slip.

Other features to consider:
- filtering capacity;
- the pump flow rate ;
- the length of a cleaning cycle ;
- the number of motors.

In addition to their different characteristics, pool robots may differ in terms of design. Some manufacturers use style to win over consumers. Nevertheless, it is best to focus on performance.